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Student Service Desk

At the Student Service Desk you can receive your written and corrected exams and transcripts.

Do you want a scanned copy of your examination?

Write the following in the subject line and mail us:

  • Course code
  • Year and month that the exam passed or the exam date
  •  LIU-id

E-mail: expedition.iei@liu.se

Rectification and reassessment of grades

If you want to request rectification or reassessment of a grade, you will find information and a form on the website Rectification and reassessment of grades. Please e-mail the reassessment to expedition.iei@liu.se.

Summer opening hours at the Student Service Desk

  • 21 June-9 July: Monday & Wednesday, 11.00 am-noon
  • 12-23 July: Closed. Documents that are requested during this period will be retrieved and can be collected from the office in the period 9-13 August. The reason for this is explained below.*
  • 26 July-6 August: 10.00-11.00 am
  • After 9 August: Normal opening hours, Monday-Friday, 10.00 am to 1.00 pm


* When the office is closed, we cannot, unfortunately, retrieve documents in the form of the best results of exams. The reason for this is that most exams have been held using remote methods during the pandemic, and answers have been submitted in several different forms. In order to produce the documents, it is necessary that a member of the personnel (administrators and course supervisors) with authority to access the system has returned from holiday. In the period 26 July-6 August, we will do our best to produce the material, but even here there may be delays in obtaining the best results on exams from personnel who are still on holiday.

Contact Information

Visiting Address: Campus Valla, A Building, Entrance 19C
E-mail: expedition.iei@liu.se
Telephone: 013-28 15 22


Studenter cyklar förbi A-huset på Campus Valla.








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