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IEI Collaboration 2017

IEI invites you to a conference on collaboration: Regional Growth and Attractiveness – what role does a university play in furthering the development of a region?

The conference will have both Swedish and English sessions.

Why is regional attractiveness important?

According to the Swedish government’s “Smart industry – a strategy for new industrialization for Sweden” sustainable growth takes place on three levels in society: locally, regionally and nationally, with the support of digitalisation. The regional level plays a vital role in the implementation of the strategy for new industrialisation, not least through its proximity to the industrial sector. Academia, society and industry are collaborating to bring about actions that promote sustainable development.

This development is taking place in competition with the rest of the world, and it has become increasingly more important to create strong and attractive regions.

We need to consider the difficult questions:

  • What does regional attractiveness mean? 
  • How is it achieved? 
  • What roles are there in the development and are there any best practices? 

Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences (IVA) has conducted a project around the topic of Regional attractiveness. In their definition attractiveness equals Innovativeness + Innovative environments (critical mass of knowledge, competence, capital and contacts). 

Region Östergötland has put forward a Smart Specialisation Strategy with the purpose of strengthening the competitiveness of the region, and based on a number of competitive areas.

To strengthen and develop collaboration with the society around us, LiU has entered into agreements with a number of strategic collaboration partners – companies and public bodies with whom the university has a special relationship and with whom we intend to deepen collaboration. The strategic collaboration partners are Region Östergötland, Linköping and Norrköping Municipailities, VTI as well as SAAB AB, Ericsson, ABB and Tekniska Verken.

  • How do we create an attractive region, and what roles do a university, or a department like IEI play?
  • How do we define attractiveness and under what conditions?
  • What are the activities and how can they be developed? 


Preliminary Program

Please note that the language for each session is not yet set.

13.00  Welcome Reception
13.15  Regional Attractiveness – what is it and what examples do we have? Time for discussion
13.45  Region Östergötland’s work with regional attractiveness. Time for discussion
14.15  Coffee Break
14.45  Strategic Partners' Views on Collaboration – both collaboration in general and examples of collaboration with IEI. Time for discussion
15.45  Speed presentations of collaboration projects at IEI – both previous and current
16.20  Closing summary
16.30  Informal mingle

Date and Location

When: September 13, 13.00–17.00

Where: Hasselquistsalen, Faculty of Health Sciences Link to map
There will be a bus from IEI to the lecture hall


The conference is not yet open for registration.


Collaboration coordinates at IEI:
Sara Gustafsson
Tomas Nord



Why is regional attractiveness important? Below you’ll find two strategy documents on the subject from the Government Offices of Sweden.

Smart industry – a strategy for new industrialization for Sweden (PDF)

Sweden’s National Strategy for Sustainable Regional Growth and Attractiveness 2015–2020 (PDF)


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