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Management of Innovation and Product Development

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Division PIE

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The programme Management of Innovation and Product Development resides under the responsibility of the division of Projects, Innovations and Entrepreneurship (PIE) at the department of Management and Engineering at Linköping Institute of Technology. We have gather some information about our division PIE in a brochure which you can download beside.

Research-based education

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Education in the programme is closely related to our ongoing research in innovation management, management of product development and entrepreneurship. One of our major ongoing research programmes is about Knowledge Integration in Transnational Enterprise (KITE). For more information about the KITE-programme see beside.

Teaching methods

By combining elements of personal development and leadership, research based analyses and literature studies, you will learn to use theories, tools and techniques based on science and best practice. Since management of innovation and product development is a highly practical field, you will be trained to analyze complex phenomena and problems related to innovation and product development processes in real-life cases. This involves for example discussing, proposing and designing alternative solutions to practical problems by using relevant practical as well as theoretical insights in individual as well as group assignments.

Your active participation during the courses in the programme is required to pass the programme. It is therefore necessary that you are able to take part in advanced discussions in English. To assess this early in the programme you will be required to individually write and present in class an essay during your first week of studies. In this essay you are asked to describe your expectations on the programme and connect these to your previous experiences and future ambitions.

During your studies you will meet Swedish students as well as students from other master programmes.

For more information please contact the programme coordinator Nicolette Lakemond.


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