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Nicolette Lakemond


Vision for research - Innovation management within and across firms

My research aims at developing new knowledge and insights into how innovation can be managed within and across firms and organizations. Research results are recognized by national and international communities and published in reputable scientific journals. Research results are also translated into practical applications and actively disseminated to firms and other organizations.

Research areas

  • Open innovation
  • Knowledge integration
  • Supplier involvement in product development
  • Customer integration in innovation
  • Organization of innovative actvities and projects

Current research projects

  • Knowledge integration in open innovation - financed by Riksbanken Jubileumfond, 2014-2016, project manager
  • KITE program - Knowledge Integration in Transnational Enterprise, financed by Riksbankens Jubileumfond during the years 2006-2015 (se www.liu.se/kite).

Previous research projects

  • Supplier involvement in knowledge-intensive product development, Vinnova and Ragnar  Söderbergs Foundations. Two PhD students with Nicolette as main advisor were employed in the project.
  • 'International Purchasing Survey' (see also www.ipsurvey.org). The survey focused on strategies, processes, and methods for effective purchasing in manufacturing and service industries. The survey was performed in ten different countries in Europe, the US and Canada. In Sweden, the survey was performed by researchers from Linköping University, University of Gävle and The Royal Institute of Technology.
  • Creativity in lean product development, Vinnova, 2007-2011. The project focused on how Swedish manufacturing firms can balance simultaneous requirements on efficiency and creativy in product development activities. The project was performed in close cooperation with Toyota Material Handling Group and three other firms, Scania, Husqvarna, GGP.
  • Interfaces in industrial innovation processes, Vinnova, 2004-2007. A model was developed for assessing uncertainty in critical interfaces in product developement projects. Results of the study were published in a Swedish book as well as in the journal Research Technology Management (2013).

Teaching as inspiration

It is a great inspiration to meet students in undergraduate and graduate courses. The students' curiosity and their search for knowledge is a source of joy and development. My teaching is interactive at all times, even in lectures with many students. I try to inspire students to learn by challenging their thoughts about real-life problems and challenges, and by using theoretical models, existing practices and research findings.

I participate in undergraduate courses focusing on:

  • Leadership and organizational change
  • Innovation management
  • Project management
  • Organization theory/Industrial management

I am also involved in executive teaching and sometimes have guest lectures at other universities.

Research that gets translated into practice

In line with my vision for research, i.e. that research results can be aplied in practices, I carry out several actitvities. These include:

  • Participation in a national project to gather competence and knowledge in teh area of innovation management
  • Active use of research results and examples in teaching
  • Participation in education for practitioners and firms
  • Feedback of research results to collaborating firms in research projects by workshohps, reports etc.
  • Co-author of books that are written for practioners, for example "Innovation eller kvartalkapitalism", Liber, 2013 (in Swedish)
  • As Head of Division of Project, Innovations and Entrepreneurship, I actively work to make sure that the collective experience and knowledge of the employees at the division are utilized in teaching, research and external activities

Latest news

June 2015: New article published in R&D Management:

Magnusson, T., Lakemond, N. (2014), Evolving schemes of interpretation: investigating the dual role of architectures in new product development, R&D Management, DOI: 10.1111/radm.12142


April 2015: New article published in Industrial Marketing Management

Melander, L., Lakemond, N., Governance of supplier collaboration in technologically uncertain NPD projects, Industrial Marketing Management, doi:10.1016/j.indmarman.2015.04.006


December 2015: Presentation at World open innovation  conference in Napa Vally,  Kalifornien, 4-5 December - "The role of knowledge governance in open innovation"

Nicolette Lakemond

Associate Professor

Head of Division Project,  Innovations, and Entrepreneurship (PIE)

Contact details




+46 13 28 25 25

Visiting address

A-house, entrance 17-19, floor 2, corridor A, room 2A:841

Mail address

Linköping University
Department of Management  and Engineering (IEI)
Project, Innovations and Entrepreneurship (PIE)
SE 581 83 Linköping


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