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CDIO Entrepreneurship, 2016 (spring)

The course gives three credits

Course director:

Magnus Klofsten (professor, examiner)


Course content 

The overall purpose of this part of the course is for students to acquire knowledge and abilities within the general area of entrepreneurship, with particular focus on business planning for new ventures. After the course, students should be able to:
●    account for and critically discuss models that describe what it takes for a new venture to have a stable basis for further development and to assess the level of development of ventures using such models; and
●    account for the information and analyses needed to evaluate a development project from a business point of view and have the ability to collect and analyse relevant information for that purpose and communicate the results orally and in writing.
The course is examined through writing and presenting an Idea-PM.
Recommended course literature
●    Klofsten, M. (2010): The Business Platform: Entrepreneurship & management in the early stages of a firm’s development (available at the workshop in Swedish and English)
●    All slides, articles and other material that are available on the course homepage



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