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Christian Berggren
Professor, Industrial Management


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Department of Management and Economics
Linköpings universitet
SE-581 83 Linköping, Sweden

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Phon: +46 13 281500
Fax: +46 13 281873
Mobile: +46 70-3700082


Berggrens research has developed around industrial innovation as a central research theme: innovation in work organization and production design in the 1980s, innovation in global organization of engineering and development in the 1990s, management of R&D, projects and product innovation, sustainability and innovation in the 2000s.

During the 1980s Berggren studied emerging innovations in work organization in the Swedish automotive and engineering industries. The resulting Ph D thesis was published in Swedish, German, English and Japanese, and led to participation in a broad international debate about new production concepts. Since the late 1990s Berggren¿s research has focused on management of technology and innovation, making use of a range of different data sources, such as patent data, in-dept inventor interview studies, R&D management workshops, etc. Within this field three sub-themes can be distinguished:

  1. R&D management and the importance of long-term technology strategies. This is studied in international comparisons of large electro-technical firms such as ABB, General Electric and Siemens. Within this field Berggren is also directing studies in complementary directions, such as integrated product-service development, “integrated solutions”.
  2. Product development, industrialization and the importance of manufacturing competence. This has been studied by comparative studies in the telecom industries and several other industries.
  3. Technological competition and sustainable innovation in the automotive industry, from Toyota to new heavy truck projects.

Christian Berggren has been program director for the eight-year research program KITE, Knowledge Integration and Innovation in Transnational Enterprise, financed by The Tercentenary Foundation of the Swedish Central Bank since its start in 2007. See www.liu.se/kite.

Berggren¿s research is closely to executive education within project and innovation management with programs such as PMEX – Executive Master in Project Management, and Scania Advanced Project Management, which started in 1999 with annual classes.  These programs are not just vehicles for diffusing research results or improving the revenues of our division. They are platforms for co-producing knowledge between academics and practitioners in uncharted territories, for testing and exploring new ideas, for brokering knowledge between companies and in the process refining this knowledge and initiating new research projects (see Berggren & Söderlund, 2011).

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