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Two PhD candidate positions

Two PhD candidate positions in Engineering Design Methods, Business Models, Simulation, and Policies for Circular Economy at Linköping University (Sweden)

In a resource-constrained world the need for a transition from linear to circular economy is urgent. Circ€uit is a Marie Curie Innovative Training Network financed by Horizon 2020 on Circular Economy research. Circ€uit is coordinated by Leiden University and involves other six leading European universities including Linköping University. Circ€uit is recruiting 15 PhD candidates to be hired by the seven universities under a common procedure coordinated by Leiden University. Among them, Linköping University will hire two PhD candidates in Engineering Design Methods, Business Models, Simulation, and Policies for Circular Economy. Their research topics are:

  • Developing design methodologies based on circular solution demonstrators (hired by Linköping University. Planned secondments: Aston Business School, Cranfield University, Toyota, Swedish manufacturers, e.g. EMF CE100 and EIT KIC RM companies) (ESR11)
  • Simulation and analysis of policies and business activities for circular economy (hired by Linköping University. Planned secondments: Technical University of Delft and EMF CE100) (ESR15)

To know more and apply for the position(s), visit: http://werkenbij.leidenuniv.nl/vacatures/phd-posities/16-217-vacancies-leiden-university-phd-candidates-on-the-subjects-of-business-modelling-reverse-logistics-consumer-behaviour-sustainable-design-environmental-and-economic-assessments-.html


Background to Circular Economy research at Linköping University:

Linköping University has 27,000 students and 4,000 employees where 45% is working for education and 55% for research. At the Department of Management and Engineering, researchers have been conducting research within circular economy since late 1990s. Their research has attracted attention of industry and academia. In industry, technologies and methods developed by their research have been implemented.

The two PhD candidates’ supervisors from Linköping University have together participated in several national and international circular economy research projects e.g. regarding remanufacturing and product-service systems. More than 100 international research papers have been published including the first book devoted to designing Product-Service Systems. In publication within the area, Linköping University is ranked as the second in Europe (Tukker, 2015). In addition, the supervisors have started up international research network with other colleagues called The International PSS Design Research Community, which includes researchers from Japan, Germany, Denmark, UK, France and Sweden; see www.pssdesignresearch.org. They also arranged the second international conference on the PSS topic called The 2nd CIRP International Conference on Industrial Product/Service Systems (IPS2) that was held in Linköping, Sweden, 14-15th April 2010. Both supervisors are involved in editorial boards of Journal of Remanufacturing and Journal of Cleaner Production. Furthermore, Department of Management and Engineering employs a number of researchers working in the area from various disciplines; see  more here: http://www.iei.liu.se/?l=en


You may also inquire the supervisors as below:

  • About employment by Linköping University under Circ€uit and ESR11: Associate professor Erik Sundin, +46-13-286601, erik.sundin@liu.se
  • About ESR15: Professor Tomohiko Sakao, +46-13-282287, tomohiko.sakao@liu.se

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