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Gustav Tinghög

Gustav Tinghög


Associate Professor

Lab Director (JEDI Lab)




Main fields of interest:  

  • Behavioral- and Neuroeconomics,
  • Health Economics and Priority Setting,
  • Ethics and Economics.

Ongoing projects:


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Recent Publications 

Hagger, M. S., Chatzisarantis, N. L. D., Alberts, H., Anggono, C. … Zweinenberg, M. (2016). A Multi-Lab Pre-Registered Replication of the Ego-Depletion Effect. Perspectives on Psychological Science (in press

 Västfjäll D, Slovic P, Burns W, Erlandsson A, Koppel L, Asutay E and Tinghög G.(2016) The Arithmetic of Emotion: Integration of Incidental and Integral Affect in Judgments and Decisions. Frontiers in Psychology.) 7:325. doi: 10.3389/fpsyg.2016.00325

Tinghög G, Andersson D. (2016) Are Individuals Luck Egalitarians?– An experiment on the influence of brute and option luck on social preferences. LiU Working Papers in Economics No:1. ( http://swopec.hhs.se/liuewp/abs/liuewp0001.htm

Wiss J, Slovic P, Västfjäll D, Tinghög G. (2015) The influence of identifiability and singularity in moral decision making. Judgment and Decision Making (2015) 10(5), 492-502

Tinghög G (2016): Health care priority setting in practice – Seven unresolved problems Chapter in Legitimization and framework of decisions on prioritization in medicine (2016) Nagel E (editor), Springer 

Hagman W, Andersson D, Västfjäll D, Tinghög G. Public views on policies involving nudges. Review of Philosophy and Psychology (2015) vol. 6:439-453

Eriksson T, Tinghög G: Societal cost of skin cancer in Sweden 2011. ACTA Dermato- Venereologica 2015,95(3): 347-348

Tinghög G, Andersson D, Tinghög P, Lyttkens C.H.: Horizontal inequality when rationing by waiting lists. International Journal of Health Services (2014) vol. 44: 169-184.

Tinghög G, Andersson D, Bonn C, Böttiger H, Josephson C, Lundgren G, Västfjäll D, Kirchler M, Johannesson M. Intuition and cooperation reconsidered. NATURE 498: E1-E2 doi:10.1038/nature12194 (Appendix & Data)

Omar F, Tinghög G, Carlsson P, Omnell-Persson M, Welin S: Priority Setting in Kidney Transplantation: a qualitative study evaluating Swedish practices. Scandinavian Journal of Public Health (2013). vol. 41: 206–215

Tinghög G: Discounting, preferences and paternalism in cost-effectiveness analysis. Health Care Analysis. (2012) vol 20 (3):297-318

Tinghög G, Carlsson P: Individual responsibility for health care financing–  application of an analytical framework to explore the suitability of out-of-pocket payment for assistive devices, Scandinavian Journal of Public Health (2012) 40: 784-794.

Mooney G, Tinghög G, Kalkan A: The need for a new paradigm in health economics – the case of Scandinavia. Nordic Journal of Health Economics (2012) vol 1 (2):119-133.

Tinghög G: The art of saying no – the economics and ethics of health care rationing. (2011) Linköping Dissertation on Health Sciences Thesis No. 1215.

Omar F, Tinghög G, Welin S: Incentivizing deceased organ donation: A Swedish priority-setting perspective. Scandinavian Journal of Public Health (2011) vol. 2(4):104-110.

Tinghög G, Lyttkens CH, Carlsson P: Individual Responsibility for What? – A Conceptual Framework for Exploring the Suitability of Private Financing in a Publicly Funded Health-Care System. Health Economics Policy and Law (2010) vol. 5: 201-223. 

Brodtkorb TH, Zetterström O, Tinghög G: Cost-effectiveness of clean air administered to the breathing zone in allergic asthma. The Clinical Respiratory Journal (2010) vol. 4(2): 104-110.

Omar F, Tinghög G, Tinghög P, Carlsson P: Attitudes towards priority-setting and rationing in healthcare- an exploratory survey of Swedish medical students. Scandinavian Journal of Public Health (2009) 37:122-130.

Tinghög G, Carlsson P, Synnerstad I, Rosdahl I: Societal Cost of Skin Cancer in Sweden 2005. ACTA Dermato- Venereologica 2008;88(5):467- 473


Publications registered in DiVA


Teaches the following courses:

  • Health Economics and Ethics  (Advanced level)
  • Behavioral Economics (Advanced level)





  • Master in Economics, Lund University, 2005
  • PhD in Health Economics, Linköping University, 2011




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