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Welcome to the Division of Engineering Materials! 



Diploma work (M. Sc. Thesis) at SAPA

Evolution of tensile properties of aluminium alloys after exposure times at high temperatures.

Sten Johansson

Looking into a superalloy

Interview with Professor Sten Johansson. AFM at LiU recently made a coverage of Sten and the research within the Engineering Materials group. In the interview, Sten describes recent work within the area of superalloys that are used in high temperature applications such as gas turbines and aero engines.


We are giving courses at both basic and advanced levels to around 400 engineering students each year. Since material science is a practical subject we combine theoretical studies with hands-on exercises within our laboratory.




Today we have three main research areas: High temperature materials, Residual stresses and Additive Manufacturing. High temperature materials such as Ni-based superalloys, ceramic coatings and austenitic stainless steels are used in gas turbine and power plant industry. Residual stresses can be measured by X-ray diffraction and by introducing residual stresses in truck components, fatigue life can be improved.



Gas turbine from Siemens Industrial Turbomachinery AB.






Contact information

Division of Engineering Materials
Linköping University
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Email: kmat(at)lists.iei.liu.se

Phone: +46 13 281169

Our offices are located in A-building, Campus Valla, entrance 13, upper floor.


Agora Materiae

Agora Materiae is a material science graduate school at Linköping University.

For more information please visit Agora's homepage.



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