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Luis Ribeiro

Contact Information

+46 (0)700850630
Room number:
A 3D:181
Department of Managing and Engineering
Division of Manufacturing Engineering
Linköping University
581 83 Linköping

Research Description

Luis Ribeiro has been committed to the research and development of truly intelligent and sustainable smart production systems since 2006. His activities have concentrated on the development of intelligent automation solutions that, enabling plug and produce, active data collection and processing, and highly dynamic management of production equipment, make possible the mass production of highly customized products.

One of the key aspects of his research is the focus on system level intelligent automation as envisioned in the most recent research initiatives, and agendas, in industrial digitalization and most notably in “Industrie 4.0”. Among the many technical advantages of considering the system dimension are:

  • the ability to integrate production with other complementary systems enabling the production system to timely react to production disturbances caused by internal or external factors;
  • the ability to automate heterogeneous shop-floor resources in an equipment/vendor independent way, and regardless of their computational power, therefore ensuring that new resources can be plugged into the system with minimum integration effort (reduced setup and ramp-up times);
  • the possibility of easily integrating human-machine cooperation while actively supporting the system’s users, during all decision making processes, with live and updated system data.

Future production system will be knowledge-oriented and intensive environments where each shop-floor resource has a cyber-identity that is responsible for extracting and processing resource’s data and that will accompany the resource throughout its useful life. The resource could be a robot, a conveyor belt, etc. but also a product, an assembly, a sub-assembly. The amount of data that can potentially be collected and processed is therefore fundamental in understanding the performance and behavior of the cyber-physical components under different operational conditions and is the key to develop more sustainable smart production systems.

The knowledge generated from the massive access to data, supported by the individual resources, puts companies back in control of their production system and enables them to explore new business opportunities based on the cyber-physical conceptualization of their production environments.

International Scientific Collaboration

Luis has actively participated, as a researcher, in several international research projects:

Current Projects (as Principal Investigator from LiU)

  • H2020 OpenMos Project - Open dynamic Manufacturing Operating System for Smart Plug-and-Produce Automation Components

Past Projects

  • FP7 PRIME Project - Plug and PRoduce Intelligent Multi Agent Environment based on Standard Technology.
  • FP7 IDEAS Project - Instantly Deployable Evolvable Assembly Systems. An FP7 success story (see http://ec.europa.eu/research/industrial_technologies/success-stories_en.html)
  • FP7 Self-Learning Project- Reliable Self-Learning Production Systems Based on Context Aware Services.
  • FP6 InLife Project- Integrated Ambient Intelligence and Knowledge Based Services for Optimal Life-Cycle Impact of Complex Manufacturing and Assembly Lines.
  • FP6 EUPASS Project - Evolvable Ultra-precision Assembly Systems.

Luis Ribeiro is also member of the IEEE, IEEE Computer Society, IEEE Industrial Electronics Society, IEEE Technical Committee on Industrial Agents and in 2015 was invited as an early member of the recently founded IEEE Technical Committee on Cybernetics for Intelligent Industrial Systems.

Luis Ribeiro is a track co-chair and member of the technical program committee of several international conferences in the areas of industrial informatics.

Luis Ribeiro is currently a guest editor at the prestigious journal IEEE Transactions of Industrial Informatics in relation to the special section on Smart Agents and Cyber-Physical Systems for Future Industrial Systems.

Publication List

Luis Ribeiro has over 50 publications in international high-impact-peer-reviewed conferences and journals and according to Google Scholar has over 500 citations since 2006. His full publication list can be accessed on the link below.

Publication list

Academic work

Luis Ribeiro is the examiner for the following courses at LiU:

TMPS33 - Virtual Productions

TMPS35 - Emerging Factory Technologies

TMMI46 - Industrial Automation

TMPS22 - Assembly Technology

TMMI52 - Industrial Automation Project Course

TMPS42 - Automation of Production Systems



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