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 Fluid and Mechatronic Systems

The division of Fluid and Mechatronic Systems (Flumes) performs applied research and education mainly in:

  • Aircraft Design and Aircraft Systems
  • Fluid Power System and Components
  • Mobile Robotics and Vehicles
  • System Modelling, Simulation and Optimization

The division was started in 1970 as the Division of Hydraulics and Pneumatics. Keywords for the research are system efficiency and system dynamics, and our research philosophy is to have a strong combination of both theoretical and experimental research. The research is performed in close collaboration with industry and other research groups, and is producing PhDs and engineers with knowledge and practical experience in:

  • Design of efficient fluid power components and systems
  • System dynamics through modelling and simulation, measurement and control
  • Working with real industrial projets with real hardware

New products tend to have more intelligence than before in response to increased requirements for efficiency, driven by economics, safety, and environmental requirements. This applies to a wide range of products, but is particularly true in vehicles such as construction machinery, road vehicles, and aircraft. These kinds of systems are characterized by a close coupling between fluid and mechanical systems, propulsion, power transmission/actuation system, sensors and control system. This requires, multidisciplinary co-design, e.g, mechanical design and control system co-design. Important tools in this context are system modelling and simulation technologies, as well as design analysis and optimisation.  The research and education of the division of Flumes is well positioned to address these areas. 




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