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HOPSAN - An Integrated Simulation Environment for Simulation of Fluid Power Systems

Numerical simulation is an essential design tool in the area of fluid power. A system or component can be tested and analysed before it is implemented to avoid bad solutions at an early stage. HOPSAN is a simulation tool created in 1977 intended mainly for fluid power systems. Due to the existance of a library of component models of for example valves, machines and lines, complex load dynamics and wave propagation in long lines can be studied.

HOPSAN simulates fast and has built-in features for frequency analysis, a powerful command interpreter that enables parameter variation studies and optimisation routines. HOPSAN 1.2.2 and 1.4 can perform coupled simulation with Matlab/Simulink, where ver 1.4 is the fastest co-simulation.



HOPSAN graphical model editor


HOPSAN post-processing tool

The free Hopsan package

There are two versions available for downloading.

The first one (ver. 1.2.2) needs a commercial Digital Fortran 6.0 (or newer) compiler.

The second one (ver 1.4) has the free LCC-Win32 compiler included. This version has most functionality but the first version could be more stable.

Version Release Date Serial
Release 1.2.2 2001-05-18 HOP-Y01-122-000-4K2-A97
Release 1.4 2002-08-20 HOP-Y02-140-000-K4B-S94


Note! These versionen will probably NOT WORK on Windows versions newer then WindowsXP 32-Bit.

Hopsan Classic 1.2.2 for Digital Fortran
Hopsan Classic 1.4.0

Hopsan Classic 1.4.0 Installation Guide
HOPSAN Classic User's Guide

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