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High Speed Simulation for Product Design and Operation - HiPO

The HiPO project is a joint project between academic partners at the Department of Management and Engineering/Fluid and Mechatronic Systems and the Department of Computer Science/Pelab. There are also five industrial partners. These are.

  • Atlas Copco AB
  • Cybaero AB
  • National Instrument Sweden AB
  • Prevas
  • Volvo CE

One of the most important areas for efficient product development of complex technical products lies in having efficient models that can be used throughout the design process. The interest in real-time simulation (RTS) has increased in recent years. There are several reasons for this; more functionality in products is realized through embedded software, where hardware-in-the-loop simulation (HWIL) is an effective tool, which relies on real-time simulation. Also, real-time simulation is needed in human in the loop simulation (HIL), which is used both is product design and in training simulators. There are also applications in the operation phase of a product, e.g. model based diagnostic systems, and in model-predictive control systems.  Currently, specialized, highly simplified, and often linear models are used for real-time simulation. On the other hand, simulation models used in design are becoming very complex, with high-fidelity but are using technologies not adapted to real-time simulation. The main issues addressed in this application are:

  • Present technologies use single solvers and do not allow the flexibility of each model component having its own solver.
  • High fidelity simulation in real time is not possible for other than rather simple systems
  • Multi core architectures are not used effectively

HiPO figure of simulation in lifecycle


Figure1. System simulation using the same models throughout the lifecycle.


Basic and applied research will be performed in the following areas:

  • Real-time Simulation (RTS), and Faster than Real Time Simulation (FRTS) Technologies
  • Distributed modelling
  • Parallelization of simulation models for multi-core processors
  • Hardware in the loop simulation
  • Model fidelity and management
  • Principles for parameterisation

Industrial applications are in the following areas:

  • Hardware simulation for next generation energy efficient wheel loaders
  • High fidelity modelling for rock drilling equipment
  • High fidelity Faster than Real Time Simulation for unmanned helicopters

In this project the Hopsan simulation package is further developed. Also the OpenModelica platform is developed, and there is also effort to link these tools. Furtheremore, these will be linked with Prevas and National Instrument software and hardware.

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