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Student projects, TMPM01

The final year students perform a project during one semester, approximately 8 weeks fulltime studies. The project is often connected to a company. The project starts traditionally with concept study where different solutions are studied. Some of the concept is further investigated through simulations. A product is then developed and tested. Different software is used depending on the task and preferences from the company. A controller can be developed in simulation environment and later implemented in a real product. Below is a list of the projects carried out during the last years.

Do not hesitate to contact Liselott Ericson for further information about student projects. On the course's homepage more information can be found, e.g. information about this year's projects.

List of completed projects



Modelling of Haldex Gen. V coupling Poster


Hardware-in-the-loop simulation of hydrostatic hybrid transmission Poster

Secondary controlled hydrostatic transmission for pendulum arm forwarder Poster


Digital Hydraulics


Digital Hydraulics Poster

Clutch Control

Efficiency Analysis of Harvester Machine Poster

Reverse Motion of Heavy Trucks with Two Trailers


Transformer based energy recovery system Poster

Implementation of Open-flow and Crane Tip Trajectory Control (Parker Hannifin Corporation) Movie 1 Movie 2 Poster

Implementation of Control System for Hydrostatic Transmission Rig (Flumes) Poster

TrecoLiTH - Simulation, mounting and evaluation of a hydraulic regenerative braking system (Flumes) (more information about the recovery system)


Test Setup for Hardware-In-the-Loop-Simulation of Drive train in Wheel Loaders (Volvo Construction Equipment)

TrecoLiTH and CroLiTH - Two vehicles to compete in Formula Electric Hybrid and Electric competition (formula EHI) in Rome, Italy 2009 (Flumes/Machine Design) Webpage

Aircraft Arresting System


Chassidynamometer-Framtagning av koncept för testning av framtidens hjullastare och dumpers (Volvo Construction Equipment) Poster (sv)

Energy Optimization of Mobile Applications (Parker Hannifin Corporation) Poster

Fiber Rope Extension System (NOV) Movie 1 Movie 2

Pathfinders (Flumes) Poster


MinMyra - Autonomous Mobile Robotic Platform (Flumes) Poster (sv)

Efficient Hydraulic System for Wheel Loader (Volvo Construction Equipment) Poster (sv)

Design of Pump Controller for Constant Flow, Constant Pressure, and Load Sensing systems (SUNFAB) Poster (sv)


Autonomous Platform Sleipner (Flumes) Movie Poster

CTTC Crane-Tip Trajectory Control (Parker Hannifin Corporation) Poster

Positioning of Pneumatic Cylinder (Flumes) Poster

Hardware in the loop test stand (Parker Hannifin Corporation) Poster

Pump Control of Cylinder Load (Volvo Construction Equipment) Poster


Controller for Active Damping of Oscillations (CADO) (Parker Hannifin Corporation) Movie Poster

Hardware-in-the-Loop Simulation of Wheel Loader (Volvo Construction Equipment) Poster

Parking Aid (Volvo Car Corporation) Poster


Parking Aid (Volvo Car Corporation) Movie


All wheel steer (Volvo Car Corporation) Movie

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