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How to reach Linköping and the Conference

Travelling to Linköping

By Air

Linköping airport (LPI) have connection flights to/from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport (AMS), and Copenhagen International Airport (CPH). Linköping airport is located approximately 3 km from Linköping City and 7 km from the University.

Other alternatives are to fly to Stockholm International Airport (ARL) or Copenhagen International Airport (CPH) and then go by train to Linköping. You can also fly with Ryan Air to Skavsta, there are buses to Linkoping from Skavsta Airport.

By Train

There are regular train connections from the airports in both Copenhagen and Stockholm. The train tickets is preferable to buy in advance (the tickets can be out of sale and they can be unnecessary expensive).

By car

Coming from south or north on the E4, leave at Linköping West (that's the first stop of Linköping from south-west or the last stop from north). Follow the signs to University. After about 4 km you will reach a roundabout which is called "Valla rondellen". Take the first to the right, direction University. Go straight on at the next roundabout. Enter the University at Entrance 1 and turn direct to the left. You will have a large parking spot on your right but it is preferable to follow the road, first a right than a left turn, to reach "SICFP'09" free parking space, follow the signs.

Travelling from city center to Linköping University

The most convenient way is to take a Taxi, approximately 10 minutes.

There are regular bus connections from Linköping train station (Resecentrum) to the university (Campus Valla). Bus number 20 is a direct bus but number 12 is also passing the university. The closest bus stop is named "Universitet" and it is a 5 minutes walk to the A-building where SICFP'09 is held. NOTE, the bus tickets can NOT be bought on the bus. You need a special bus card, that you can buy at several places in the city center, your hotel can help you with the procedure.

Below, you can find a map over the University and "Linköpings Konsert & Kongress" where the reception and conference dinner will be held.


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