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Linköping University, Brief History

Since its foundation in the 1970’s, the university has established itself as an innovative and modern institution in both education and research.

During the past decade the university has experienced rapid growth, involving the establish-ment of a new campus in the twin city of Norrköping. With a student population of 25 000 and 3 500 employees our university is one of the major in Sweden.


Research and education is carried out in broad, multi-disciplinary and cross-faculty departments, a framework that facilitates cooperation between disciplines and across faculty borders. This, together with an ongoing dialogue with industry and society at large, has been essential for the university’s ability to combine basic and applied research in thematic and innovative contexts.

Linköping City

Linköping, 200 km south of Stockholm, is the fifth largest city in Sweden and has a population of around 140.000 inhabitants. Despite rapid development in the last few years, Linköping has maintained its long-standing character as a city of learning and culture. Many of the old buildings are still in use; the Cathedral in the city centre is over 700 years old.

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