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Publications from Flumes

Our publications are searchable through Linköping University E-press for publications from 2000 and forward.

Try to search for Fluid and Mechanical Engineering Systems (our old name) or Fluid and Mechatronic Systems  or by author name.

Doctoral and licentiate theses

From 1983 till today 32 doctoral dissertations and 50 licentiate theses have been written at the division and are listed below. Some are available in fulltext in Linköping University E-press system, if so, the title is linked to the system. 

Doctoral theses


Author Title Dissertation
Alessandro Dell'Amico On Electrohydraulic Pressure Control for Power Steering Applications: Active Steering for Road Vehicles 1739
Robert Braun Distributed System Simulation Methods - For Model-Based Product Development 1732
Mikael Axin Mobile Working Hydraulic System Dynamics 1697
David Lundström Aircraft Design Automation and Subscale Testing: With Special Reference to Micro Air Vehicles 1480

Liselott Ericson

On Fluid Power Pump and Motor Design - Tools for Noise Reduction


Reno Filla Quantifying Operability of Working Machines 1390
Björn Eriksson Mobile Fluid Power Systems Design with a Focus on Energy Efficiency 1339



Author Title Dissertation No.
Lars Andersson Multi-robot Information Fusion Considering spatial uncertainty models 1209
Anders Zachrison Fluid Power Applications Using Self-Organising Maps in Condition Monitoring 1163
Marcus Rösth Hydraulic Power Steering System Design in Road Vehicles
Analysis, Testing and Enhanced Functionality
Andreas Johansson

Design Principles for Noise Reduction in Hydraulic Piston Pumps
Simulation, Optimisation and Experimental Verification

C. Grante On Design of Complex Safety Critical Automotive Systems A Semi-Automated Approach for Balancing Profit and Safety 884
B. Johansson Model Management for Computational System Design 857
Jonas Larsson Interoperability in Modeling and Simulation 854
C. Munro Water Tunnel Validation and Experiments at High Angles of Attack for Aircraft Conceptual Design 847
Henrik Pettersson On Valve Controlled Fluid Power Systems Flow Amplifier and Percussive Rock Drilling 767
Jochen Pohl Conceptual Design of Hydraulic Systems for Automotive Engine Applications - Simulation, Optimisation and Testing 680
Johan Andersson Multiobjective Optimization in Engineering Design Applications to Fluid Power Systems 675



Author Title Dissertation No.
C. Ramdén Experimental Methods in Valve Characteristic Assessment 577
Magnus Sethson Complex Cavity Analysis Analytical Fluid-Power Models Using CAD Information 576
Mikael Sannelius On Complex Hydrostatic Transmissions Design of a Two-Motor Concept using Computer Aided Development Tools 569
Jonas Nygårds On Robot Feedback from Range Sensors Reliable Control by Active Reduction of Uncertainty and Ambiguities 528
Teresia Ramdén Condition Monitoring and Fault Diagnosis of Fluid Power Systems - Approaches with Neural Networks and Parameter Identification 514
Bernt Nilsson On Robot Control using Range Sensors with Special Reference to Active Uncertainty Reduction 511
J. Lennevi Hydrostatic Transmission Control Design Methodology for Vehicular Drivetrain Applications 395
Maria Pettersson Design of Fluid Power Piston Pumps - With Special Reference to Noise Reduction 394
Arne Jansson Fluid Power System Design - A Simulation Approach 356
Birgitta Lanto On Fluid Power Control with Special Reference to Load-Sensing Systems and Sliding Mode Control 331
Kenneth Weddfelt On Modelling, Simulation and Measurements of Fluid Power Pumps and Pipelines with Special Reference to Flow Pulsations 268



Author Title Dissertation No.
Petter Krus On Load Sensing Fluid Power Systems 198
Bo Andersson On the valvistor, a proportional controlled seat valve 109
Karl-Erik Rydberg

On performance optimization and digital control of hydrostatic drives for vehicle applications


Licentiate theses



Author Title Thesis No.
Raghu Chaitanya Knowledge Based Integrated Multidisiplinary Aircraft Conceptual Design 1661
Mike Gerdes Predictive Health Monitoring for Aircraft Systems using Decision Trees 1655
Alessandro Dell'Amico Pressure Control in Hydraulic Power Steering Systems 1626
Karl Pettersson Design Automation of Complex Hydromechanical Transmissions 1620
Mikael Axin Fluid Power Systems for Mobile Applications: with a Focus on Energy Efficiency and Dynamic Characteristics 1595

Robert Braun

Multi-Threated Distributed System Simulations: Using Bi-Lateral Delay Lines 1576
Peter Nordin Mobile Robot Traversability Mapping: For Outdoor Navigation 1564



Author Title Thesis No.
Kim Heybroek Saving Energy in Construction Machinery using Displacement Control Hydraulics - Concept Realization and Validation 1372
Liselott Ericson Flow Pulsations in Fluid Power Machines - a Measurement and Simulation Study 1355
Björn Eriksson Control Strategy for Energy Efficient Fluid Power Actuators
Utilizing Individual Metering
Per Degerman Automatic Parallel Parking Park Assist Systems for Passenger Vehicles 1287
Patrick Berry Aircraft Conceptual Design Methods 1197
Reno Filla Operator and Machine Models for Dynamic Simulation of Construction Machinery 1189
Anders Zachrison Selection Schemes and Neural Networks in Adaptive Real-Time Control
Predictive Simulation Adaptive Control
Lars Andersson Information Sharing in Mobile Robot Teams Deployment with Uncertainty Considerations 1105
I. Hallander A broad perspective on life cycle considerations in product development


A. Asplund How a continuously changing B2B environment influences the selection of
suppliers - Introducing a model and process approach
J. Nyman Modelling Level for Simulation and Design of Fluid Power Systems 1069
C. Jouannet Modelling of Unsteady Aerodynamics For Aircraft Design 1053
Marcus Rösth Hydraulic Power Steering in Passenger Cars Analysis, Modeling and New Functionality 1036
Ronnie Werndin Hydraulic Transformers for Energy Efficient Systems 970
Andreas Johansson Noise and vibrations in hydraulic systems sources and how it can be treated 953
C. Grante Design methods for complex automotive systems -
An approach for balancing profit & safety
B. Johansson Modelling of Multi-Domain Systems Model Representation and Information
Jonas Larsson Concepts for Multi-Domain Simulation with Application to Construction Machinery 870
G. Backlund The Effects of Modeling Requirements in Early Phases of Buyer-Supplier Relations 812



Author Title Thesis No.
Jochen Pohl Preliminary Design of Heterogeneous Engineering Systems Simulation and Optimisation Techniques 782
Henrik Pettersson On Modelling of Fluid Power Systems With Special Reference to Stress Wave
Propagation in Percussive Rock Drilling
Johan Andersson On Engineering Systems Design A Simulation and Optimization Approach 765
M. Elfving On Fluid Power Control A Concept for a Distributed Controller of
Fluid Power Actuators
T. Högström Telecommands for Semi Autonomous Control in Telerobotics 624
Mikael Sannelius Complex Hydrostatic Transmissions Design Tools and Concepts 551
C. Isacsson Dynamic Valve Characteristics Analysis and Measurements Methods 529
Magnus Sethson Position Estimation Using Hall-effect Sensors in Fluid Power Valves 528
B. Nilsson On Active Uncertainty Reduction using Range Sensors for Robot Control 525
Jonas Nygårds On Feedback From Range Sensors For Robot Control 484
Teresia Ramdén On Condition Monitoring of Fluid Power Pumps and Systems 474
B. Boberg On the Dynamic Interaction of a VehicleTraversing a Surface: Geometric Discontinuities and Shape from Inertial Sensors 445
J. Lennevi On Fluid Power Control With Special Reference to Velocity Control of Hydrostatic Transmissions 368
Maria Pettersson On Fluid Power Piston Pumps With Special Reference to Flow
Ripple Reduction
M. Karlsson On Modelling and Simulation of the Human Cardiovascular System
With Special Reference to Aortic Coarctation and Mitral Regurgitation
Birgitta Lanto On Fluid Power Control With Special Reference to Multiload
Conditions in Load Sensing Systems
Arne Jansson On Fluid Power Simulation and Control With Special Reference to Decoupling
Control of Pressure and Velocity
Kenneth Weddfelt On Computerized Measurements in Fluid Power
With Special Reference to Dynamic Pressures
and Quasistatic Temperatures



Author Title Thesis No.
T. Persson On Fluid Power Control With Special Reference to Over-Center
G. Palmberg On Secondary Controlled Hydraulic Systems 144
P. Larsson On Fluid Power Attenuators – Analyses, Measurements and Performance Optimization 101
Petter Krus Simulation of Complex Fluid Power Systems 83
P-A. Roth Digital Simulation – An Analysis Tool in Fluid Power – Applied on a Linear Servoactuator with an Asymmetrical Cylinder 39
L. Jansson Tryckstötar i Hydrostatiska System 16



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