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Master's Thesis at Fluid and Mechatronic Systems

Master students are welcome to conduct their thesis project at the division of Fluid and Mechatronic Systems. A good start for students is to read the information at IEI's homepage about master's thesis (in English or Swedish).

If you have an idea of a thesis project you should contact any of the divisions representatives, preferentially:

Mechatronic and Fluid Power projects
Aircraft design and Aircraft systems projects

You can also find proposals on projects in the left menu. If you look for project ideas, don't hesitate to contact any of the representatives, they may have project for you.

Example of Master Theses performed at the division:

Omer Khaleeq Kayani and Muhammad Sohaib, Generic Simulation Model Development of Hydraulic Axial Piston Machines, 2012

Emanuel Eliasson,  Fusing Laser and Radar Data for Enhanced Situation Awareness, 2010

Ylva Jung, Local Sensitivity Analysis of Nonlinear Models - Applied to Aircraft Vehicle Systems, 2009

Karl Pettersson, Secondary Controlled Swing Drive, 2008

Peter Nordin, Implementation and Testing of a Semi-Active Damping System, 2007

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