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Master Thesis proposals


Aerospace (aero master) Final Thesis

  • Watertunnel measurements & flow visualisation of aircraft formation flight (aerodynamic, experimental)
  • Comparative analysis of the aerodynmaic models within flight simulator softwares (theoretical)
  • HPA: Propeller testrigg measurements (experimental, theoretical)
  • HPA: Structure & Detail Design refinement/enhancement (constructive, evtl. experimental)
  • HPA: Developement of a propeller calculation software and propeller design optimization (theoretical, programming)
  • HPA: Tool coupling between existing HPA sizing and structure to Catia CAD model (programming)
  • HPA: Simulation of the HPA flight mechanic/dynamic with focus on flight quality investigation (theoretical)
  • HPA: Oscillation and stability effects investigation of a HPA due to pilot cycel movements (theoretical)
  • HPA: Concept study of a hybrid electric-human power aircraft (theoretical, constructive)
  • Subscale flight testing: Investigation and testing of instable configurations (theoretical, experimental)
  • UAV design: (HALE) solar powered aircraft or flapping wing configurations (theoretical)
  • Comparison of Aero structural Analysis (FSI) from Fine/Open and Ansys
  • Integration of RAPID and Flight gear
  • Aircraft systems design for RAPID
  • Integration of RAPID and NeoCASS

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