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Tango Tool & Conceptual Design Framework

 the Tango tool used in the Flumes flight group Conceptual aircraft Design framework

Tango is a Matlab implementation consisting of the three main parts:

  • aircraft geometry definition
  • aircraft sizing
  • (sub-)system setup

Tango supports multiple output formats towards e.g.

  • CPACS (XML data format)
  • openVSP (NASA)

An simulation output towards our in-house developed (physical system) simulation tool HPOSAN is under cionstruction. The internal used parametric data format, based on XML languae is highly compatible with the DLR aircraft data format standard proposal CPACS. Furthermore, automated report generation ans well as HTML output and help files are available.


Tango is a current research project and has not reached Beta state, however tool developemnt is ongoing and the current state as well as methodology and implementation details can be found on my publication page.


Tango shares parts of code with the system analysis tools SARA and TERESA (links will come soon).

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