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 Fluid Power Systems and Components

Oil hydraulics is characterised by high power density and that it can be used for precise control. It is used in a wide range of applications ranging from construction machines, mining equipment, oil drill equipment, aircraft actuation systems (e.g. control surfaces, landing gears etc.), road vehicles (e.g. servo steering), and in industrial applications. In many of these areas it is a key technology. The Flumes division is mainly doing research, but is not restricted to, mobile systems.

The general requirements for higher energy efficiency is also relevant to hydraulics, and there is still a lot of potential e.g. in construction equipment to reduce fuel consumption by new system concepts. A lot of the research is therefore focused on energy efficient hydraulic systems, with low throttling losses, and system with energy recovery.  A major source for noise and vibrations is in a hydraulic system is the pump. The division has pioneered methods for measurement and simulation of flow pulsations in pumps, which has resulted in innovations and methods to substantially reduce noise, and is still active in this field.

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