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Autonomous Mechanical Systems

The laboratory of Robotics - Autonomous Mechanical Systems is organized as a sub domain within the Division of Fluid and Mechanical Engineering Systems. The laboratory has focused its research on robotics and autonomous systems, with applications in mobile and industrial robots. Intensified co-operation with Luleå University of Technology has resulted in the creation of the R2A2 lab - an informal network for exchange of theoretical and experimental results.

The research area is strongly interdisciplinary with model integration and interrelation of a number of classical disciplines such as control theory, machine design, mechanics, electronics, fluid power, sensor technology, signal processing and computer technology.

The research topics are to combine geometry, motion and sensor signals. This is used to control motion and interpret motion patterns from geometric non-contact sensors like range cameras and time-of-flight lasers.

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preRunners mini-ATV





In progress

  • Information sharing in mobile robot teams - deployment with uncertainty consideration


  • Dynamic interaction of a vehicle traversing a surface
  • Telecommands for semi-autonomous control in telerobotics
  • Robot control using range sensors with special reference to active uncertainty reduction
  • Robot feedback from range sensors - reliable control by active reduction of uncertainty and ambiguities

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