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 Aircraft Design and Aircraft Systems

There is strong push to produce more green aircraft with higher efficiency and at a lower cost. This result in a new profile of requirements for the aircraft design, as well as the introduction of alternative technologies in onboard energy systems, e.g. more electric systems. Another trend is the move towards unmanned aerial systems. As a result, new configurations are interesting and needs to be investigated.

The focus areas for research at the division is placed on preliminary design, aircraft systems, configuration aerodynamics, and subscale flight testing. Tools development is in design automation for CAD, aerodynamic modelling, design optimisation, and system simulation.

Research is conducted in the following projects:

  • Concept methodology for whole aircraft (NFFP)
  • Energy efficient aircraft systems (NFFP)
  • Rapid prototyping & subscale flight testing
  • Micro air vehicles

 GFF team

Courses are offered at basic and advanced level for students undertaking the aircraft design specialisation as part of their mechanical engineering studies. Thesis work is also offered to students at M.Sc. level.

There is also a new (2013) international Master program in Aeronautical Engineering where our courses also are offered.


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