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Thesis work

Each year a number of thesis works, or "exjobb" in Swedish, are undertaken at the aircraft design group. These are either made internally at the university, often related to an active research program, or in collaboration with external aerospace companies.

FLUMES Aero Fields of Specialisation

Master/Bachelor thesis at Flumes Aero should be related to our research areas. These are:

  • (Conceptual) Aircraft Design
  • Modeling & Simulation
  • Subscale Flight Testing
  • Systems-of-Systems / Systems Engineering
  • Knowledge-Based System Design (CAD)


Current Master Thesis Proposals

Please see our master thesis examples and list of master thesis proposals.


Recent thesis work

  • Analytical Weight Estimation of Unconventional Landing Gear Designs, Borhani Coca Dario, Parés Prat Andreu, LIU-IEI-TEK-A--15/02257--SE, 2015
  • Design and Testing of a Flight Control System for Unstable Subscale Aircraft, Alejandro Sobron Rueda, LIU-IEI-TEK-A--15/02190--SE, 2015
  • Sizing of Actuators for Flight Control Systems and Flaps Integration in RAPID, Alejandro Diaz Puebla, LIU-IEI-TEK-G--15/00908--SE, 2015
  • Parametric Modeling of Aircraft Fuel Systems integration in RAPID, Adrián Sabaté López, LIU-IEI-TEK-G- -15/00873--SE, 2015 
  • Knowledge-Based Flight Control System Integration in RAPID, Inés Escolano Andrés, LIU-IEI-TEK-G--14/00760--SE, 2014
  • 2D Geometry Optimization of an Aircraft Windshield, Álvaro Gómez Cortés, LIU-IEI-TEK-G--14/00722—SE, 2014 
  • HURRICANE, A Control Surfaces and High Lift Devices Sizing and Modeling Program, Diego Sánchez Franco and Carmen López Sánchez, LIU-IEI-TEK-G--14/00712--SE, 2014
  • Design of Parametric Winglets and Wing tip devices – A Conceptual Design Approach, LIU-IEI-TEK-A--12/01371--SE, 2012
  • Automated generic parameterized design of aircraft fairing and windshield, LIU-IEI-TEK-A-12/01271-SE, 2012 
  • The influence of material stiffness on propeller performance – a theoretical study. Emilio J. Lozano 2011
  • Flight test planning and data extraction - Stefan Velikov 2008
  • Flight Test Data Acquisition Design: Design, programming, building and testing of a flight test data logging system - Ingo Staack 2008
  • Deep green: design, construction and testing of a tidal stream power plant concept - Arne Quappen 2007
  • A Water Tunnel Study of Vortical Flows over Delta Wings
  • Wing Rock Characteristics of Delta Wings
  • Electric Ducted Fans for UAV Propulsion
  • Captive Carry Testing of UAVs
  • Experimental Methods for Determining Moments of Inertia of Small UAVs
  • Rapid, Low-Cost Construction Techniques for UAVs
  • Development of a UAV Ground Control Station
  • Water Tunnel Investigation of Chined Forebody Characteristics at High Angles of Attack
  • A Comparison of Discrete Gust Dynamic Analyses using MSC/NASTRAN and ZONA/ZAERO

We always welcome students to apply for M.Sc. thesis work at our group. Contact David Lundström or Ingo Staack for proposals of appropriate thesis topics.

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