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Human Powered Aircraft (Re-Wright)

First Tailless Human Powered Aircraft in the World?

In April 2014 the development of a Human Powered Aircraft was started in the TMAL06 course, where an initial conceptual design was created. As a special requirement the concept should be weight-shift controlled similar to a hang glider by shifting the pilot’s body weight rather than by aerodynamic control surfaces. Such a unique tailless HPA concept requires solving of advanced tasks such as:

  • Structural integration
  • Control and aeroelastic issues
  • Stability issues due to the oscillating pedalling movement

Current development is focused on:

  • Further conceptual full scale design and sizing
  • Subscale demonstrator evaluation and building
  • Further propeller design and full scale construction
  • Propeller and driveline test rig development

Due to the magnitude of the project, financing the development of a full scale prototype can only be realised with support from the industry. Our highly motivated student team is searching for innovative companies willing to join this technological challenge and help this project literally take off. Support is not limited to financial contribution alone, but can contain collaborative work (such as part production), mentorship or master thesis supervision/support.

Several Master Thesis proposals concerning detailed investigations are available. Please see the sponsor flyer for more information

HPA student group photo



















First Small Scaled Demonstrator

HPA demonstrator model

Second Dynamically Scaled Demonstrator, work in progress. Wingspan 6.19 m.
Second Dynamically Scaled Demonstrator

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