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Flumes Flies a Demonstrator of a Generic Future Fighter Aircraft

The division of Fluid and Mechatronic Systems, FluMeS at the department of Management and Engineering, have been rewarded a contract from SAAB and FMV to realise and build a scaled demonstrator of a generic fighter concept.

The concept constitutes a goal and common study object for the defence long term research and development strategy within aeronautics. The concept is a common development between SAAB and FOI with focus on stealth capability, internal load bays and “super cruise” capability.

The goal of the demonstrator is to:

  • Show a cost effective way, with short lead time, to design and manufacture a flying demonstrator of a concept
  • Evaluate the usage of scaled demonstrator as a tool for aircraft development, including as “flying wind tunnel”

The demonstrator is in 13% scale and is jet powered. Its characteristics are the following:

  • Length 2,4 m
  • Wing span 1,5 m
  • Take off weight 15 kg
  • Thrust 160 N

Maiden flight took place in November 2009 and was a success. This work is the result of a project realised within the framework of NFFP4, Swedish National Aeronautics Research Programme.


Christopher Jouannet +46-708746978

Petter Krus


Video of maiden flight

  Generic Future Fighter


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