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Scope – CEAS Technical Committee on Aircraft Design (TCAD)

The rising challenges for air transport require novel vehicles with significantly enhanced operational efficiency. Optimizing vehicles for operational targets requires considering all relevant interactions with the air transport system. In the same time, novel and potentially radical technologies need to be modeled with an appropriately high level of fidelity in order to resolve all relevant interdisciplinary interactions.

Answering the dedicated new challenges in terms of research and education, the Council of the European Aeronautical Societies (CEAS) is establishing a Technical Committee on Aircraft Design (TCAD). The committee will officially be launched during the CEAS European Air and Space Conference 2013 in Linköping. The ambition is to create a framework within which the actors with serious research in aircraft design work together aiming at:

  • Exchange of information on finalized, ongoing and planed activities.
  • Collaboration in complementary research.
  • Cross-validation and benchmarking of similar research.
  • Fostering synergies and eliminating unnecessary efforts.

Activity – Symposium on Collaboration in Aircraft Design

The constituting meeting of the TCAD will be organized as Symposium on Collaboration in Aircraft Design being held from 19th till 20th of September 2013 at Linköping University. This event is set to bring potential participants for the TCAD together and to discuss ongoing research in aircraft design. In the scope of the symposium are both, methods for multidisciplinary and collaborative design as well as future aircraft configurations for civil and military applications. Impulse talks will be given on key-topics in order to stimulate the discussion.

The expected outcome of the event is a survey over ongoing activities within the next year which enables participants to get in contact with related research. Two documents will be created:

  • Competence Map         List of relevant topics and competences.
  • Activity Map                 List of design studies planned during the next year

Both lists will provide information on how to contact active partners and how results are planned to be published (conferences, journals, etc.). Partners with similar interests are expected to contact another directly and agree collaborations if synergies can be gained. The TCAD aims at bringing together partners with common interest. It is not intended to assign any tasks.

A next symposium of TCAD is planned for 2014 during which the progress will be monitored and the activities for the following year will be discussed. In order to minimize travel efforts this event will probably be combined with the 29th Congress of the International Council of the Aeronautical Sciences ICAS, 2014 in St. Petersburg.


The workshop is organised by the DLR and hosted at Linköping University. For contact persons and responsible persons see the Commitee page.

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