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Preliminary Program

The preliminary agenda for the Symposium on Collaboration in Aircraft Design and the establishment of the TCAD can be found beneath. If you are interrested to contribute with a presentation or have any comment or proposal according the program do not hesitat to contact the program coordinator Daniel Böhnke.

For further questions like registration, travel or local support please contact Ingo Staack.
Friday afternoon is reserved for eventually groop meetings (meeting rooms can be provided) or for software tutorials. Further information regarding tutorials will follow soon.


An updated preliminary agenda (date 11.09.2013) can be found here.


Thursday, 19.09.2013


09:00        Official launch of TCAD                                                                

                 Introduction, targets, terms of working

                 - Coffee break

10:30        Aircraft Design Task                                                                     

                 How to formulate the problem? Which are the targets?

                 How to assess the results?

                 - Lunch at Kårallen

12:30        Collaborative MDO Methods                                                        

                 How to practically work in a collaborative way?

                 How to optimize in a distributed environment?

                 - Coffee break

14:30        Design Studies 1                                                                            

                 BoxWing configurations: Potential configurations for next generation air transport?

                 Experiences of participants and planned activities.

                 - Coffee break

16:30        Design Studies 2                                                                            

                 StrutBraced configurations: Aeroelastic challenges and the need for HiFi methods.

                 Experiences of participants and planned activities.

                 Revenue driven configurations: The role of cabin and systems.

19:00        Get together

Friday, 20.09.2013


09:00        Technical news and discussion

                 Software projects such as CPACS, RCE and CEASIOM

                 Which functionalities are missing in real life applications?

                 - Coffee break

11:00        Next Activities

                 All participants: Which are the planned research activities in the context of TCAD

                 Filling the competence map and activity map

                 Electing steering committee, planning of next meeting in 2014

                 - Lunch at Kårallen

14:00       End of symposium


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