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Financial Markets and Financial Institutions - Risk Management,
7.5 Credits

Course Code: 723G32  730G98


Announcements for 2015:

From 2015 this course gives 7.5 credits (not 15 credits). It is recommended that students have some knowledge about the pricing of bonds and debt instruments prior to the course. 


Course cordinator:

Bo Sjö
Phone: 013-281603  


Course Description:

This course deals with the management and regulations of financial markets and financial institutions. The course combines a historical and institutional perspective on financial crises, with practical risk management for financial institutions. The course has both a contemporary financial institutions management perspective and an historical perspective that provides an understanding of the challenges in the management and regulation of financial intermediaries and financial markets. The course explains why financial intermediaries exists in the first place, what is interest rates, yields and why fluctuations in interest rates are so critical for risk management; why financial firms and the financial sector are seen as special compared to other firms and sectors in the economy. The course provides an understanding of financial crises in a historical perspective; how to identify, measure and manage risks in financial institutions. In particular interest rate risk, credit risk, foreign exchange and liquidity risks. The course gives a basic understanding of how to run financial institutions such as banks and treasuries.    

Period: 151027-150116


Saunders, Anthony and Marcia Millon Cornett, Financial Institutions Management - A Risk Management Approach, McGraw-Hill, 7 ed. 2011. Alt ed 8, or basically any edition will do above ed 4.

Reinhart, Carmen M. and Kenneth S. Rogoff, This Time is Different. Eight Centuries of Financial Folly. Princeton University Press 2009 (Paperback sept 2011).

+ Articles and printed material, and case studies. 


Examination is done through one individual written exam as well as individual and group assignments. Lectures will stop at December 18 and resume in January 8 2016. The written exam will take place around January 22.  


Written examination date: 20170313


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