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Research in Business Administration


Business administration is quite a young field. The first professorship was installed at Stockholm School of Economics in 1911. Business administration is today the largest subjects at Swedish universities and university colleges, counted in the number of student places.

Central research questions within Business Administration include among others organizational strategies and decision-making, financing, management control and accounting, as well as various forms of organizing. The abilities of companies and individuals to handle change and innovation processes, the procurement of resources and disposal of products and services are other central research questions. The common denominator for this broad range of research questions is the organizational perspective.

The research in Business Administration at Linköping University covers various topics such as strategy and strategic change, management control, entrepreneurship, public organization and work life, financial accounting, non-profit organizations, leadership and human resource management, knowledge integration and innovation, project management and project organizations, and international management. The division of Business Administration is located at the Department for Management and Engineering (IEI).


Ongoing Research Projects:

CARER - Center for Advanced Research in Emergency ResponseResearch and training to deal with society's response capacity in case of accidents, which includes everything from everyday accidents to the extraordinary events on local, national and global levels. It is an opportunity to combine and complement the traditional response resources, such as rescue and ambulance services, with other community resources including the individual. Contact: rebecca.stenberg@liu.se

EPOK - Enterprising by Projects and Organizational Knowledge: The study of project organizing and knowledge processes within firms and organizations. Contact: lars.lindkvist@liu.se

ESIK - Ekonomisk Styrning i Industriella Kontexter: Management control in industrial contexts. Contact: henrik.nehler@liu.se

HELIX - Managing Mobility for Learning, Health and Innovation: The focus for HELIX is researching the management of mobility – of people and ideas – as a driving force for individual and organizational learning, health, and entrepreneurship, and to achieve a position – nationally and internationally – as a leading research and innovation centre in this field. Contact: malin.tillmar@liu.se; elisabeth.sundin@liu.se

HRM in projects and project-intense firmsThe research programme focuses on a specific part of the modern firm, namely project activities, where relations between organizational structure and co-workers situations are studied. In this perspective, the interplay between the firms HRM and the project activities are highlighted. Site under construction, read more on EPOK webpage. Contact: karin.bredin@liu.se; jonas.soderlund@liu.se

KITE - Knowledge Integration and Innovation in Transnational Enterprise: Research within KITE is divided into three themes: 1) Project organisation and knowledge integration; 2) Outsourcing and knowledge integration between firms; and 3) Innovation and integration of external knowledge. Contact: fredrik.tell@liu.se

Research Group on Marketing: The main areas of interest are (1) Innovation, (2) Service infusion, and (3) Green marketing. The idea is to use the latest research methods and to further develop research practice in marketing. Contact: lars.witell@liu.se

MEKA - Managing External Knowledge Acquisition: The MEKA research group studies they way in which firms, acquire, appropriate, and exploit knowledge in relation to their external context. There are two main orientations: 1) Collaborative projects between firms and R&D; and 2) Firms strategies and organizing in patenting activities. Homepage under construction. Contact: fredrik.tell@liu.se

MORE – Mobility and Organizing in Research into Entrepreneurship: The mobility of the organizational landscape, the organizing principles and prerequisites of entrepreneurship of various kinds in society are among the interest areas. Contact: malin.tillmar@liu.se

REMESO - Institute for research on migration, ethnicity and society: Interdisciplinary research, education and knowledge dissemination on transnational migration, ethnic diversity and citizenship. Contact: elisabeth.sundin@liu.se



Past Research Projects:

Accounting for Intangible Assets and Resources: This project investigates the possibilities to establish robust accounting for Intangible Assets and Resources (IAR), in order to estimate the value of companies with a high amount of IAR (i.e. technology-intensive firms). Contact: stefan.schiller@liu.se

DEOFS - Diversity of Entrepreneurship and Organisational Forms in ServicesThe research within DEOFS takes its empirical point of departure in service operations and its theoretical point of departure in such diverse fields as organisational theory and theories on entrepreneurship. Contact: malin.tillmar@liu.se

ENIGOS - Entreprenörskap i och genom offentlig sektor: Entrepreneurship studies studying both intra- and inter-organizational processes within the public sector. Contact: elisabeth.sundin@liu.se

Småföretagande och Genus (SG): The research questions of this program deals with small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) problems and conditions with the gender dimensions. Contact: elisabeth.sundin@liu.se


Linköping University
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Visiting Address:
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Head of Division:
Mikael Ottosson
phone: +46 13 282260

Study Director
Lena Högberg
phone: +46 13 281662

Research Director
Lars Witell

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Division administrators:
Maria Sjöqvist
phone: +46 13 281531
Lena Donnerfalk
phone: +46 13 281502

Sara Brinkby
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Study councellors:
Pernilla Mideskog
Business and Economics Programme
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Malin Gröndahl Maass
Int Business and Economics Programme
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Rickard Hellström
single subject courses in Business Administration
tel: 013-284784

Exchange students:
International Office/FFK


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