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The Global Challenge - International Human Resource Management, 7,5 hp

723G67/723G68 (former 723G31)

Course Director/Examiner/Teacher

Besma Glaa (Course director)

Course period





International expansion does not only mean new challenges and opportunities in the management of traditional tangible and intangible assets, but also in the management of human resources.  In the great internationalization challenges - such as simultaneous local responsiveness and global integration - strategy, organizational capabilities, and people management are closely intertwined. In this course we will hence use the international business background as a steppingstone to explore the new demands placed on HR work as a firm develops internationally. Within the frameworks of local responsiveness, global integration and coordination we will discuss issues such as global talent management, global leadership development, global teamwork, expatriate management, and cross-cultural competence. This course will be very much based on casework, where you will analyze different types of international organizations and their HR structures and challenges.


 News 2016

Starting date: December 5(attendance necessary)

Last day of attendance before Christmas: December 16 (attendance necessary).

First day in January: January 9

Ending date: January 20

To make it possible to go home for Christmas already in the evening of the 16th, before flights get too expensive, the first two weeks of the course will be intense (we will do three weeks of work in two weeks). Based on the experience of previous years, it is therefore not possible to for example go to Kiruna for one week and still expect pass the course. The January part of the course will be done in virtual teams, so after Christmas you can finish the course from any location in the world, as long as you have an internet connection and about 40h/week to spend on final assignments.

Course book: Evans, P., Pucik, V., & Björkman, I. 2011. The global challenge : international human resource management (2nd ed.). New York: McGraw-Hill Irwin. ISBN 978-0071114172


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