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International Business, 7,5 credits

Course code: 723G65/723G66

Course Director/Examiner/Teacher

Aliaksei Kazlou,  
phone: +4613281595


Course period

2017-Dec-04 - 2018-Jan-20

Course description

International Business is one of the key courses you will take, given the increasingly global nature of commerce. It will take a strategic perspective in introducing you to the international dimensions of managing organisations. The emphasis is on developing an international rather than a local perspective. The IB course (723G65/G66) is essential to everyone with a sense of adventure and curiosity about the wider business world: not only those aiming to work overseas in large corporates, but also those heading to smaller and/or domestic organisations, and budding entrepreneurs. The format will be as interactive and applied as possible with formal lecture input, videos and cases; and informal discussion and debate where possible. Although theory is vital to understand what’s going on in international business, the applied emphasis will enable you to link course themes and issues to the practitioner world.

Course literature

Alan M. Rugman, and Simon Collinson International Business, 6/E



Aspelund, A., & Moen, Ø. (2001). A Generation Perspective on Small Firm Internationalization: From Traditional Exporters and Flexible Specialists to Born-Globals. Advances in International Marketing (Vol. 11).

Kotabe, M., Mol, M. J., & Ketkar, S. (2008). An evolutionary stage model of outsourcing and competence destruction: a triad comparison of the consumer electronics industry. Management International Review, 48(1), 65–93.

Examination and course workload

Seminars  20% (See preliminary schedule); Group project 30% (Due date: January 20nd, 2017); Exam 50% (Exam on December 21st, 2016; re-take January 20th, 2017)

The estimated workload for International Business course is:

Lectures 40 hours (First 3 weeks of the course, until the 17th of December); Lecture preparation 70 hours; Seminars 30 hours; Group project 50 hours (per person); Exam preparation 30 hours. Total hours of study 220 hrs


Assistance and contribution to class is expected from all students. Hence, absence to classes and seminars, due to organised student trips will not be accepted and will detriment students' final grade. Based on the experience of previous years, it is therefore not possible to for example go to Kiruna for one week and still expect pass the course. The January part of the course will be done in virtual teams, so after Christmas you can finish the course from any location in the world, as long as you have an internet connection and about 40h/week to spend on final assignments.  For further questions about absence to class, do not hesitate to contact henry.lopez.vega@liu.se

More information about the course i.e. course description, preliminary schedule, etc. is available on http://lisam.liu.se/ 


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