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HRM and Leadership, 7,5 ECTS

Course code: 723G63/723G64


Course period

30 Oct - 1 Dec 2017

About the course

Human Resource Management (HRM) and Leadership are two fields of research and practice that are intimately intertwined, and that are of great importance for students’ abilities to succeed well in roles as managers or leaders. The overall aim of the course is to offer students basic knowledge about HRM and leadership by introducing central topics within the two fields of research, and by offering possibility to learn by practice.

The core content of the course includes classic as well as recent studies into HRM and leadership, also relating to how these dimensions in an organization relates to 
strategy as well as operative activities. The students will be introduced to central contributions within research on HRM and leadership, and they will also get the opportunity to apply some of this knowledge in practice. An increased knowledge and understanding of these two areas will provide students with greater possibilities to consciously and in a competent way manage their own future performance and career and also to, in the role as managers/leaders, take on the responsibility for managing and supporting the performance and careers of subordinates. The course also includes elements with the aim of training students in analytical thinking and academic writing.

The course is designed to involve students in different types of learning activities, where they will meet various teachers with various pedagogical methods and different research profiles. Students will take part in case work, seminars, lectures, and active teamwork. A central part is of course students’ own individual studies.

Language of instruction: English.

Course literature

Main course book: Bratton & Gold (2017): Human Resource Management - Theory and Practice (6ed). Houndmills Basinstoke: Palgrave Macmillan

Additional literature will contain a number of articles from scientific journals and a number of case studies. A complete literature list will be available at LISAM.


The examination is based on a number of examining activities during the course:

- Activities and case days (individual attendance)
- Written reflections (individual)
- Written exam (individual)

Detailed information and instructions regarding the examination will be available in a study guide (LISAM).

LISAM - collaborative workspace

Information, communication, assignments, etc, during the course period is handled at the course collaborative workspace at LISAM. See link in the menu to left.


Course director: Svjetlana Pantic Dragisic

Examiner: Olga Yttermyr


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