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Leadership and culture, 7,5 credits,

Course code: 723G59/723G60 (former 723G19)

Course Director/Examiner/Teacher

Olga Yttermyr, Ph.D. (Course director)

Jörgen Ljung, Ph.D. (lecturer)

Course period


Course description

How do you lead an organization? How do you make it go in the right direction? Some emphasize the importance of a strong, visionary leader. Others see a strong organizational culture as the answer. And some say it is a combination, an interplay of the two. Do leaders create organizations or do organizations create leaders? How, when and why? The Leadership & Culture course will introduce you to these organizational phenomena and support you in your own exploration of the subject. The importance of recognizing differences and similarities between cultures and between leadership behaviours is crucial in today’s global society. We will focus on the relationship between culture and leadership in societies and organizations.
We will work with a variety of pedagogical methods and you will take part in lectures, work with a number of cases, prepare for and enjoy role plays, work in teams, work individually, read interesting literature of both academic and non-academic kind, and meet enthusiastic people from all over the world.

Course literature

Schein Edgar H., and Schein Peter (2017). Organizational Culture and Leadership. 5th edition. Wiley.
A list of articles is provided on LISAM (lisam.liu.se) at course start. The articles are available online to LiU students.


The course is built according to a system where students accumulate points for

1) active participation in seminars and workshops

2) written assignments 

3) written examination

The work will be carried out both in groups and individually. Detailed information is provided on LISAM, the course platform (lisam.liu.se), in due time. 

Examination dates

The examination is a written assignment carried out at home. Additional information will be provided at course start.


Information at course start

Further information about the course is provided on LISAM to registered students.

The introduction to the course (2017-09-25 in S41, see schedule for possible updates!) is mandatory to attend. Here, the students will be divided into groups for the upcoming assignments. It is of great importance that the groups start working together straight away. The introduction is also an excellent opportunity for Q&A of all kinds. Welcome to the course!


Olga Yttermyr, course director and lecturer

Jörgen Ljung, lecturer



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