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The Industrial Ecology Research Programme 2009-2019

Towards a 100% Renewable Resources Östergötland Region

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The region of Östergötland has well developed systems for transformation of different waste products into new utilities, often replacing fossil fuels. A prerequisite to make these systems function is collaboration between stakeholders from different sectors. Tekniska Verken has for a long time been a key player in this development.

To promote and more systematically learn and explore this field, Linköping University and Tekniska Verken in 2009 established a ten year research collaboration within the Industrial Ecology Research Programme, IERP. As a result of the programme, Professor Leo Baas holds Sweden’s first chair in Industrial Ecology at Linköping University.

The programme aims to further explore synergies in materials, energy, waste and by-products between companies. The objective is also to understand how industry managers, researchers and citizens develop knowledge about the possibility of creating these synergies and exchanging these with other companies in the most effective way. The Industrial Ecology activities in such industrial settings are labeled as Industrial Symbiosis.

The Industrial Ecology Research Programme works within three main research areas: Regional industrial symbiosis, Renewable resources in industrial symbiosis, and Industrial symbiosis and large technical systems. It aims to lead to mutual benefits for Tekniska Verken and Linköping University through;

  • Stronger business intelligence
  • Increased resources for R&D
  • Increased quality on R&D
  • Increased credibility

industrial ecology

Industrial Ecology is a research discipline within environmental technology dealing with the strive to create industrial systems where the use of energy and material are optimized and the generation of waste is minimized while residues from one process become raw material for another process.

Central in Industrial Ecology is to try to turn environmental problems into business opportunities through wide system boundaries, efficient use of resources and collaboration through resource sharing



The Industrial Ecology Research Programme 2009-2019

A collaboration research programme on industrial ecology, industrial symbiosis and renewable resorces between







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