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Megatech: Sustainable Business and Clean Technology Markets in Megacities

An explorative research of their dynamics in Cairo and Mexico City


Megatech Description

With the dramatic growth that several cities around the world have shown during the last century, several challenges, questions and problems have arisen. Urban settlements seem to be the future’s social arrangement, with an estimated 70% of the world’s population living in cities by 2050, according to the United Nations. Limited resources, high population density, consumption habits and waste generation have attracted special attention from politicians, researchers and entrepreneurs, who are always looking for solutions and business opportunities. These issues are more evident in Megacities – commonly defined as cities with more than ten million inhabitants – where everything seems to have disproportionate dimensions.

Two types of Megacities can be distinguished based on an economic and social characterization, i.e. those that are industrialized, and those that are on their way to industrialization. Megatech analyzes two cities belonging to the latter category - Cairo and Mexico City - in order to assess their Cleantech application potential for sustainable urban development, especially from the Swedish supply perspective: What can Swedish environmental companies offer to them and what are the preconditions needed for a successful business strategy?


To understand these cities’ dynamics from a holistic perspective, considering the social, economical and environmental spheres. Furthermore, to analyze their urban metabolism and detect potential niches for Swedish Sustainable Business and CleanTech offerings.


The study will consist of several steps:

  • Gathering of general information regarding Megacities. This includes definitions, characteristics, approaches and projects dealing with them.
  • Getting to know Cairo and Mexico City. Specific studies about these cities, their specific problems, their social composition and initial suggestions about possible solutions to some of their problems. Visits and meetings with local partners will be held.
  • Pre-Assessment: Analyze these cities’ demands on environmental technology, cleaner production, biofuels, possible industrial symbiosis projects and/or sustainable business advisory and development.
  • Study Swedish supply of environmental services, gathering information about related industries and informing companies possibly interested in the project and its outcomes.
  • Delivering reports about the situation in these Megacities and perceived conditions needed for Swedish companies to enter their market.
  • Creating a meeting arena where both the demand and the supply sides can concur.

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