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SymCity - new approces to future sustainable cities

The conference S y m C i t y is an arena for the meeting of research and practice. It invites decision makers,  officials, researchers and other stakeholders to a discussion about the next generation of city planning. The conference aims at trying new approaches to the definition of the city and how it is planned e.g. through the integration of areas and funktions tha usully are separated and intoduce and discuss the opportunities thus opened for.  "Rethink the City!" is the theme for this year's conference and questions that will be discussed are:

  • Wher will industry be found in future cities? Cleaner production opens for districts with integrated housings and industry and potential gains industrial symbiosis.
  • Technical systems taken out of service, e.g. copper cables may serve as the stock supply of tomorrow. Will future mines be situated inside the cities?
  • May future foodstuff be cultivated in teh cities, e.g. in vertcal greenhouses?
  • Taking social structures rather than infarstructure as the starting point for city planning opens for new planning and design

Read more about the conference and follow the preparation in social media on www.symcity.se

Anders Carlsson Mon Aug 22 14:08:00 CEST 2011

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