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Patrik Thollander

Associate Professor
Tel: +4613 28 57 45


Dr. Patrik Thollander is an associate Professor of energy systems in the Department of Management and Engineering at Linköping University. Patrik conducts research in the area of end-use energy efficiency in industry, particularly towards industrial small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and non-energy-intensive manufacturing industry (NEIs) related to e.g. effective industrial energy policy design, barriers to and driving forces for industrial energy efficiency, industrial energy management practices, industrial energy audits, energy services in industry. In addition, he is also involved in various courses on graduate and post-graduate levels, in energy systems, modeling, auditing, and industrial energy systems.


Current Projects

IEA IETS Annex XVI Energy Efficiency in SMEs

Working in an international project, IEA IETS Annex XVI Energy Efficiency in SMEs,  regarding energy efficiency in SMEs.

Industrial energy efficiency networks for SMEs

The work has created a general model for the operation of energy efficiency networks in Swedish industrial SMEs.

Industrial Non-Energy-Benefits (NEB)

The project carried out in cooperation with two divisions; business administration and energy systems, involves studying NEBs in investment decisions in Swedish industry.

Swedish energy service market

The project involves studying energy services on the Swedish market.


The project involves developing a method in cooperation with Swedish industry on how to deploy energy efficiency potentials in electric motor systems that lies in higher system levels, i.e. not only replacing the electric motor.

Selection of previous projects

Climate neutral and competitive Gävleborg 2050

The project involved studying the county of Gävleborg and their industrial production and how industry in the county can be transformed into climate neutral and competitive industrial producers 2050.

Assistant Professor, post graduate school Program Energy Systems.

The work involved writing a scientific book, on improved energy efficiency in industry from an interdisciplinary perspective, co-leading two of the PhD-courses within the program, conducting an internal review of the work done within the industrial consortium of Program Energy Systems, as well as a brief review of the research in Sweden. 


Development of an energy audit method, named Nordenaudit.

Evaluation of the National Swedish Energy Audit Program

The work has included an evaluation of the national Swedish energy audit program.


The work has involved creating Sweden’s first database of real energy efficiency measures in industry.

Foundry Bench

Serving the Swerea Swecast in studying energy services, barriers, energy management ,and driving forces

Sustainable industries

The project involved evaluation the industrial part of the national project Sustainable Municipalities.

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