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Louise Trygg Ph.D.
+46 13 28 44 91 / +46 734 602 622

Louise Trygg is professor at the division of Energy System at Linköping University.  Louise completed in 1991 her M.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Linköping. During the studies Louise was active in the student union and a member of the national board for post-secondary study assistance. Parallel to her engineering education she undertook extensive studies in mathematic.

In the years of 1991—92 Louise was employed as a teacher at the University of Linköping and at National Institute for Distance Education in Norrköping in the subject mathematics and physics. Through that period she was also involved in designing a multimedia program. During 1992-2001 Louise worked at E.ON. Norrköping. In 1997 she became Business Area Manager for new business development. She was then, among other things, responsible for introducing district cooling in the municipality of Norrköping which included planning, designing, extension and management of the district cooling system. She was also part of the company’s executive board and the MD group.

In 2001 Louise started her Ph.D. studies at the division of Energy Systems at the University of Linköping. Her research area concerns regional and municipal energy systems. By using optimization models she has studied how the combined energy system of energy user and energy supplier can shift in the direction of cost- and resource effectiveness. Louise has also analyzed a great number of small- and middle sized industries in different Swedish municipalities and found measures that strongly can reduced the industries’ use of energy.    

Louise has several years of experience of University teaching. She has developed many university courses and co-developed the international master’s program Energy and Environmental Engineering as well as the national master’s program Energy, Environmental and Management. She has taken extensive courses in leadership and is a member of several boards at the University as well as within national and international authorities. Louise is part of the interdisciplinary national research programme Energy Systems and is leading the research group for regional and municipal energy systems within the programme. She was head secretary for the international conference of World Renewable Energy Conference 2011 and panel leader for the conference eceeee 2014 Industrial Summer Study on energy efficiency in Arnhem.

Louise has written several journal publications, conferences publications and reports. She has studied leadership and is supervisor for several PhD-students. Louise is involved in many research projects, both within the division as well as in co-operation with other universities. Louise is also a frequently engaged invited speaker for conferences and events.

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