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Department of Management and Engineering

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IEI Collaboration 2017

IEI invites you to a conference on collaboration: Regional Growth and Attractiveness – what role does a university play in furthering the development of a region?

The conference will have both Swedish and English sessions.

Click on the link to get more information and a program.


Events this year


Final seminar: Britta Behrendt Jonsson (business law)

Seminar - Linköpings universitet
Final seminar for Ph.D. candidate Britta Behrendt Jonsson's dissertation project: "Supervision of Insurance Groups: An Analysis of the Solvency II Group Solvency Capital Requirement from a Company Law Perspective"
Last date to sign up: 2017-11-28
10:15 - 12:00
Location: A-huset, sal 3C:817
For more info see https://liu.se/medarbetare/bribe56, contact Britta Behrendt Jonsson, e-mail britta.behrendt@liu.se.

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