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Anna Bergek



Associate Professor in Industrial Organization
Vice dean of Linköping Institute of Technology (LiTH) (2012-)

Research activities

My main research field is sometimes called Industrial Dynamics. It exists in a nexus between the fields of Industrial Organization and Innovation Studies. From the IO field comes the interest for industry structures and how they change over time. From Innovation Studies comes the insight that innovation, in particular discontinuous technological innovation, is an important explanation to such changes. Common to both fields is that the level of analysis most often is not individual companies, but rather the industry or innovation system (technological, sectorial, regional or national) that companies are active within. 

My three main research interests are the following:

  1. To understand and explain under what conditions and through what processes new industries and innovation systems emerge in relation to discontinuous innovation. This  work has primarily been focused on developing the so-called functions approach to technological innovation systems (TIS). 
  2. To understand and explain discontinuous innovation in mature industries. To understand the logic behind common industrial patterns with regard to what technologies are developed or not developed respectively by established companies ("industry incumbents") is currently one of my main fields of research.
  3. To explain how policy instruments influence innovation processes at technology, industry and sectorial levels. To a large extent, the overall aim of my research is to highlight the effects of different types of policy instruments on innovation and diffusion processes, especially within the empirical field of (renewable) energy.

Current research projects

  • The roles of intermediaries in the transition to a sustainable energy system (financed by the Swedish Energy Agency)
  • Innovation in mature industries (financed by Riksbankens Jubileumsfond and faculty funding)

I am a member of the KITE (Knowledge Integration & Innovation in Transnational Enterprise) research group see (see KITE's web site).

Undergraduate Education


  • I am the course leader and examiner of the course TEIO90 Innovation management (for DPU, EM, I, Ii, IND and exchange students) (period ht1)
  • I participate as a lecturer and tutor in the courses TEIO06 Innovative Entrepreneurship, TEIO20 Entrepreneurship and New Business Development and TEIO89 Innovation and Entrepreneurship - project course.

Master Theses etc.

I am primarily interested in supervising master theses and C-/D-level papers that are related to my current research areas. Please feel free to contact me if you have a proposal!

Other activities

  • Associate editor of Research Policy
  • Reviewer for e.g. Research PolicyTechnology Analysis & Strategic Management (TASM), Industrial and Corporate Change (ICC) and Journal of Evolutionary Economics.


  • My co-authored 2008 Research Policy paper on Technological Innovation System (TIS) analysis has been selected to be included in the new Fagerberg & Mowery anthology on Innovation, Technology and Economic Change.
  • The research project "The roles of intermediaries in the transition to a sustainable energy system" has received a 7 MSEK grant from the Swedish Energy Agency.
  • Mignon, I. & Bergek, A. (2016): Investments in renewable electricity production: the importance of policy revisited, Renewable Energy 88: 307-316..
  • Onufrey, K. & Bergek, A. (2015): Self-reinforcing mechanisms in a multi-technology industry: understanding sustained technological variety in a context of path dependency, Industry & Innovation 22 (6): 523-551.
  • Mignon, I. & Bergek, A. (in press): System- and actor-level challenges for diffusion of renewable electricity technologies: an international comparison, accepted for publication in Journal of Cleaner Production (September 2015).

  • Bergek, A., Hekkert, M., Jacobsson, S., Markard, J., Sandén, B., Truffer, B. (2015): Technological Innovation Systems in contexts: conceptualizing contextual structures and interaction dynamics, accepted for publication in Environmental Innovation and Societal Transitions, 16, pp. 51-64. The article can be downloaded here until October 28 2015.

Contact information



Visiting address

Building A, Entrance 17-19, Room 2A:851

Postal address

Linköping University
SE-581 83 Linköping


+46-(0)13-28 25 73

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