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Maria Björklund

Logistics researcher receives scholarship

Maria Björklund has been rewarded a scholarship on 50 000 SEK from Familjen Knut & Ragnvi Jacobssons stiftelse, for the project "Innovative roads towards more sustainable logistics services". The project will take place during 2014 and has a main goal to spread knowledge and experiences within the field.

Uni Martinsen

Award for best PhD-paper

A paper written by Uni Martinsen, PhD student at logistics management, has received an award for best PhD student paper at the Nordic logistics conference Nofoma that took place in Gothenburg on the 4th and 5th of June. The paper, which is called "Coordination of environmental measures in logistics service provider-shipper relationships", deals with logistics relationships from an environmental perspective. More specifically, it descibes how logistics service providers and shippers can coordinate various environmental measures in their relationships with each other.

Malin Wiger

New licentiate thesis at logistics management

On May 31st 2013 Malin Wiger presented her licentiate thesis "Logistics Management in a Healthcare Context - Methodological development for describing and evaluating a healthcare organisation as a logistics system". In her thesis, Malin shows that a healthcare organisation in fact can be viewed as a logistics system, which in turn gives new input to the possibilities of increased efficiency of patient flows within the healthcare system. Matthias Elg, professor in quality technology and management, was opponent during the seminar.



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