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Welcome to the course TDDC34 – Technical, economical and societal evaluation of IT-products


The general aim of this course is to provide a holistic perspective on models and methods to analyze and evaluate new technology (IT-based products or/and services) and its alternatives as well as its socio-economic-technical effects;

  • Comprehend the various evaluation methods and models discussed in the course , as well as their scientific base
  • Apply the methods in practice in a project
  • Search, analyze and apply selected literature

The main focus is on demand-based evaluation, i.e. how utilizing organizations evaluate the (intended) consequences of an information system. No explicit references will be made to supply-side theories and concepts regarding e.g. profitability assessments, i.e. how suppliers assess customers’ willingness to pay for a product.

In the course we will take an organizational/intentional perspective on information systems. This means that we will mainly focus on information systems that are used for a particular purpose, in an organization; that the systems are intended to generate some particular effects. Organizations, however, do not need to be legal entities. Also loosely coupled networks, that have a common goal (e.g. a sports club), can be a typical setting to investigate.

In the course we will pay equal attention (and grade you accordingly) to theoretical awareness and ability to apply your conceptual knowledge on an IT-solution of your choice.

Course responsible and examiner: Carl-Johan Petri

Other teachers:

Özgün Imre

Alf Westelius

Markus Radits

Erik Jannesson

Sidansvarig: carl-johan.petri@liu.se
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