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Project exercise

The project assignment in the course counts for half of the credits. Your mission is to find an information system (or an information system that is about to be implemented) and apply all the perspectives on IT-evaluation that have been presented in the course. You are responsible for identifying the case that you want to work with. The system can be of any kind. But it will most likely be easier to apply the theoretical models (that we have discussed in the course) if you choose a system that is used/will be used in an organization, and that is aiming for some kind of apparent effects in this organization. We expect you to refer to all five perspectives, but it is your choice if you treat them in equal proportions or if you want to give one of the perspectives more attention.

The project will be carried out in groups of four. You create the groups your selves.

There is always a risk in this type of assignment, that the work starts too late. Therefore we kick off the project assignment already before we have finished the theoretical part of the course. Already in the third week your group will present a project proposal to the rest of the class. It should include a description of the system you are about to study, a description of the stakeholders that has/will have a relationship to the system and a broader description of the context. For the remainder of the course there will be repeated contacts with the teachers. They will assist you in the project work. In week five you will present your project to the rest of the group and get comments from them as well as give comment on another team’s work. In week six we will run a more detail “virtual seminar” on your project and in week seven (Oct 10) you will present your final project report, which should be based on a multi-perspective evaluation of a system that you have chosen, as well as an analysis of the evaluation and the evaluation process as such.

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