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Hopsan NG





Hopsan is a free multi-domain system simulation tool developed at the division of Fluid and mechatronic systems at Linköping university. Features include:

  • Multi-core support for faster simulations
  • Model export/import using Functional Mock-Up Interface (FMI)
  • Model export to Matlab/Simulink
  • Plot data export to CSV, XML, Gnuplot & Matlab
  • Creating models from Modelica and C++
  • Interactive & replay animations
  • Numerical optimization
  • Sensitivity analysis
  • Frequency-domain analysis
  • Energy losses calculations
  • Scripting using HCOM or Python









The TLM method uses wave characteristics to calculate pressure and flow, making it especially suitable for modeling of wave propagations. It also introduces physically motivated independences and time delays between components, which enables parallel execution by using multi-core technology. This can significantly increase simulation performance on computers with multiple core processors.

A Genuine Teamwork Project

Hopsan is developed by a group of coworkers at the division, all with varying levels of knowledge in programming, modelling, simulation and hydraulics.

Friday Afternoon

A beta version of Hopsan is now available for download!

Developer News Feed

Also available in rss!


0.6.5 Released (Peter Nordin, 2014-02-14)

Hopsan 0.6.5 has been released! But if you are using a 64-bit older version of Hopsan you should not use the auto-update function as it will download the 32-bit version. Use the "Open download page" link instead. From there you can manually install the newest 64-bit version.

0.6.3a Hotfix Released (Peter Nordin, 2013-10-28)

The update notifier and auto-updater has not been working with 0.6.*. This problem has been fixed in Hopsan version 0.6.3a. Now available from the Hopsan web page. You can use, Help->Check for new versions, in Hopsan to manually look for new versions.

Functional Mock-up Interface, animated simulation and more (Robert Braun, 2013-07-29)

Version 0.6.0 of Hopsan now has support for the Functional Mock-up Interface, an open standard for interaction between simulation tools. Another new feature is the animated simulations, a powerful tool for teaching and presentations. A new terminal widget is also included, where modelling and simulation can be scripted using an updated version of the HCOM interface used in previous Hopsan versions. Read more and download it at the Hopsan website!

Development Snapshots available (Peter Nordin, 2012-05-14)

Snapshot releases from the development trunk of the next major Hopsan version (0.6) are now available to those who wish to assist in testing new functions while they are being developed.These releases should be considered UNSTABLE and may contain unfinished functions.Examples of two new major features are, 2d animation support and the possibility to convert double parameters into signal read ports.Windows releases as-well-as Debian package installers for the latest Ubuntu distributions are available.

Auto updater not working (Robert Braun, 2012-02-06)

Some Windows users may have noticed that the auto update function does not work. The reason for this is that Windows does not allow a program to store files in its own directory. The problem will hopefully be corrected before next release.

Important update (Robert Braun, 2011-08-04)

Hopsan 0.3.3 is now released. It contains important fixes of the dynamic behaviour for several mechanical components. It also fixes several crashes and other issues. Users of previous versions are recommended to update to this version. Note that Hopsan is still in the beta stage, and that many components are still not completely validated.

Hopsan goes Redmine! (Robert Braun, 2011-05-25)

The Hopsan project is now using the Redmine project collaboration and bug tracking environment. This can for example be used for requesting features, reporting bugs and reading Hopsan-related news. Sign up today!

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