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Environmental Technology and Management


The Division for Environmental Technology and Management is an interdisciplinary research group with thirty years experience of turning environmental problems into opportunities. Our main focus is the transformation of organisations, technical systems and products and services towards a resource efficient society. Today the division is a research and education environment with international reputation and with 25 employees and 900 students.

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Vallastaden needs engaged residents

Focused education, intensive communication, some highly motivated individuals and ownership are the keys to developing sustainable local energy systems, researchers from Linköping University have shown in a report.

Toyota + LiU

Agreement with Toyota Material Handling

Toyota Material Handling Europe and Linköping University’s Department of Management and Engineering recently signed an agreement for a long-term strategic collaboration.


LiU at the top in functional sales

Two separate articles in the Journal of Cleaner Productionhighlight Linköping University (LiU) as one of the leading universities in research in functional sales – an important element in the attempt to achieve a circular economy.

Metals worth billions

Metals worth billions at local tip

The mines of the future may be closer than we think. A degree project from Linköping University demonstrates that landfill at the Gärstad waste facility in Linköping contains metals worth SEK 3 billion.


PhD on performance based business modells

Sofia Lingegård at Envtech defended her thesis on new life-cycle based business models for rail and road infrastructure projects on September 19.

Wisdom Kanda Licentiate on environmental technology export

Wisdom Kanda Licentiate on Environmental Technology Export

Governmental inititiatives and business concepts for promoting environmental technology export were the topics for Wisdom Kanda's licentiate seminar on September 20.

Guest researcher from Tokyo at ETM

ETM hosted Dr. Koji Kimita, research assistant from Tokyo Metropolitan University, during late August in a collaboration around Product-Service Systems (PSS) and Ecodesign.


Coming up - three licentiate seminars

Potential and prerequisites for increased biogas production, landfill mining and PSS. Topics for three licentiate seminars at the division 21 and 23 May and 4 June.


Identifying the “Usual Suspects”

Paul Fenton presented a paper - Identifying the “Usual Suspects” - at a workshop at University College London, on 31 March - 1 April. The paper studies geographical locations and themes in six collections of case studies published by ICLEI, an international municipal association.


Santiago tracks the diffusion of innovations

Santiago Mejia Dugand gets 20 kkr from ÅF to perform a study on diffusion of urban innovations for sustainability during the World Urban Forum 7 in Medellín, in April.

envtech in media

Owners of Energy

In the Chilean web forum "Plataforma Urbana" Santiago Mejia Dugand bloggs on Nothern European local initiatives for sustainable energy production.

Santiago blogs on sustainable cities

Santiago Mejia Dugand at Envtech is published in a Chilean webb forum, Plataforma Urbana, and Colombian webb journal, Las 2 Orillas.

Discard Studies high-lights tehc mining

The blogg Discard Studies high-lights a techospheric mining article by Nils Johansson 10 June 2012.

Welcome to the city of our dreams - Rethink!

Presentations - keynote speaker Gunter Pauli and two sessions - from the conference "SymCity - Rethink!" in Norrköping 13-14 October 2011 on UR Play

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