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Environmental Technology and Management


The Division for Environmental Technology and Management is an interdisciplinary research group with thirty years experience of turning environmental problems into opportunities. Our main focus is the transformation of organisations, technical systems and products and services towards a resource efficient society. Today the division is a research and education environment with international reputation and with 25 employees and 900 students.

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Seven steps towards a circular economy

REES, the four-year research programme, is off to a flying start with seven projects. The objective is to facilitate Swedish industry’s transition to a circular economy, in order to thus also increase its competitiveness. Mattias Lindahl is coordinating the programme.

Linda BRC

Giving BRC new muscles

Linda Olsson, newly graduated PhD in fossil-free fuels, is now taking over as senior coordinator of the Biogas Research Center.


Vallastaden needs engaged residents

Focused education, intensive communication, some highly motivated individuals and ownership are the keys to developing sustainable local energy systems, researchers from Linköping University have shown in a report.

Toyota + LiU

Agreement with Toyota Material Handling

Toyota Material Handling Europe and Linköping University’s Department of Management and Engineering recently signed an agreement for a long-term strategic collaboration.


LiU at the top in functional sales

Two separate articles in the Journal of Cleaner Productionhighlight Linköping University (LiU) as one of the leading universities in research in functional sales – an important element in the attempt to achieve a circular economy.


Dig where you stand

There are many good reasons for excavating Sweden’s landfills in search of valuable metals. But it is not happening. In his licentiate degree thesis, Nils Johansson sought an explanation as to why we prefer searching in space to mining our own rubbish tips.


Cooperation agreement on PSS with Ericsson AB

Ericsson AB and the Department of Management and Engineering (IEI) of Linköping university have officially signed on research and development cooperation agreement. Both parties aim to cooperate regarding management and engineering of Product/Service System (PSS). Tomohiko Sakao is the contact person from the IEI side.


Thesis: Welcome to the Urk world

Friday 11 December Björn Wallsten guides us in the Urk World when he defends his thesis on hibernating infrastructure and the quest for urban mining.


Envtech celebrates Don Huisingh

Don Huisingh was recently celebrated by among others Environmental Technology and Management as he now will leave the position as editor in chief of Journal of Cleaner Production.


How get more successful cleantech companies?

The closing seminar for SHIFT, a European research project on how e.g. financiers, incubators, cluster initiatives and universities promotes small cleantech companies being more successful, will be arranged January 13 in Brussels. Envtech is one of the arranging organisations. The seminar is open for registration.


Five Nations and Plantagon at Envtech

Resource efficiency, symbiosis and eco industrial systems were the topics when Mats Eklund met a delegation from Plantagon and representatives for their owners, the North American confederation Five Nations.


New publications on export and diffusion of environmental technology

How eight different countries promote the export of environmental technology and Swedish cities international networks and their roll in diffusion of environmental technology and and large scale environmental technology systems are the topics for three new publications by Wisdom Kanda, Santiago Mejia Dugand, Tomohiko Sakao and Olof Hjelm.

envtech in media

Owners of Energy

In the Chilean web forum "Plataforma Urbana" Santiago Mejia Dugand bloggs on Nothern European local initiatives for sustainable energy production.

Mining for urban treasure - in France 24

In industrial cities, thousands of cables and pipes are left abandoned under our feet. It's a valuable source of metal that could be given a second chance. 24/9 2013

Your Street May Literally Be Paved With Gold (and Other Precious Metals)

The blogg The Atlantic Cities refers to Mats Eklund and the Urban Mining group in a blog feed June 4th 2013.

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