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Environmental Technology and Management


The Division for Environmental Technology and Management is an interdisciplinary research group with thirty years experience of turning environmental problems into opportunities. Our main focus is the transformation of organisations, technical systems and products and services towards a resource efficient society. Today the division is a research and education environment with international reputation and with 25 employees and 900 students.

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Linda BRC

Giving BRC new muscles

Linda Olsson, newly graduated PhD in fossil-free fuels, is now taking over as senior coordinator of the Biogas Research Center.


Twice as big, twice as strong

The Biogas Research Center, based at Linköping University, has received continued support from the Swedish Energy Agency, local governments and the business sector. It has secured further funding of SEK 80 million for the coming four years.


Dig where you stand

There are many good reasons for excavating Sweden’s landfills in search of valuable metals. But it is not happening. In his licentiate degree thesis, Nils Johansson sought an explanation as to why we prefer searching in space to mining our own rubbish tips.


The Norrköping Iron and Copper Mine

At the same time as protests against both the current mining policy and mineral legislation are getting louder, Björn Wallsten is prospecting a totally different type of mine in his licentiate – the one underneath central Norrköping.


Rapidily growing ETM division

In the last few months we have recruited a program coordinator, five new PhD students, one supply assistant professor and one supply LCA-expert. We will also have a number of international visits during the fall. Reinforcements are made primarily within the research program REES, the Biogas Research Center and in education.


New Docent in Environmental Management and Engineering

Sara Gustafsson the 17th became Docent in Environmental Management and Engineering. The subject of her docent lecture was Municipalities as arenas for sustainable development.


New Thesis: Environmental Technology for Sustainable Cities

Santiago Mejía-Dugand the 15 June presented his thesis "Environmental Technology and its Role in the Search for Urban Sustainability: the Dynamics of Adaptation".

New article byTomohiko Sakao

JSPS Stockholm Newsletter has published the article "Enhancing Sustainability of Products and Services – A Promising Area for Collaboration between Sweden and Japan" by Tomohiko Sakao .

Video: New recycling concept for Gabarone, Botswana

Within the project "GTARS - Gaborone Transfer and Recycling Station" researchers from EMT togeheter with the cities of Västerås and Gabarone, Botswana have presented a potential conceptual design demonstrated in a video.

Guest lecture by Ecodesign manager at Ericsson

In our course, Resource Efficient Products (TKMJ29), Richard Trankell from Ericsson gave a guest lecture on Design for Environment on May 7 explaining Ericsson's activities relöated to materials efficiency, energy efficiency, and end of life treatment efficiency.

envtech in media

Welcome to the city of our dreams - Rethink!

Presentations - keynote speaker Gunter Pauli and two sessions - from the conference "SymCity - Rethink!" in Norrköping 13-14 October 2011 on UR Play

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