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Welcome to the Division of Energy Systems!

The Division of Energy Systems analyzes the energy system with the aim of developing sustainable energy systems. Research is conducted within three main areas: national, regional and local energy systems, industrial energy systems and building energy systems. 









Another grant from the Swedish Energy Agency

The Division of Energy together with Chalmers and Profu has received a grant of 3.5 million from the Swedish Energy Agency. The project is called "Development and application of new methods for the identification of effective utilization of industrial waste heat" and is expected to start in September 2016. Magnus Karlsson, associate professor at the division of Energy System, is the project manager. (2016-08-16)

Grants from Swedish Energy Agency

Maria JohanssonMaria Johansson, postdoc at the Division of Energy system, have received a grant of 4.5 MSEK from the Swedish Energy Agency's pulp and paper research. The application was written together with Anna Bergek and Ksenia Onufrey (Division of Project, Innovation and Entrepreneurship), Michael Jensen (Division of Business Administration) and Sarah Broberg Viklund (SP Technical Research Institute). The project is called "Interaction between commercial energy and innovation strategies in the pulp and paper industry" and is expected to start in May 2017 and will be led by Maria Johansson. (2016-08-11)

Advanced Net Zero Energy Water and Waste Training

Professor Bahram Moshfegh is co-director of a training course in Advanced Net Zero Energy Water and Waste Training. The training builds on an holistic appraoch based on best practices to manage energy, water, and solid waste at military installations to achieve long term sustainability. The training course is supported by NATO and held between April 25–29, 2016 at the US Army Clay Kaserne, Wiesbaden, Germany. More information can be found here. (2016-04-18)


Right now

Our latest publications

  • Paramonova, S. & Thollander, P., 2016. Ex-post impact and process evaluation of the Swedish energy audit policy programme for small and medium-sized enterprises. Journal of Cleaner Production 135, pp. 932–949.

  • Paramonova, S. & Thollander, P., 2016. Energy-efficiency networks for SMEs: Learning from the Swedish experience. Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 65, pp. 295–307.

  • Johansson, M. T., 2016. Effects on global CO2 emissions when substituting LPG with bio-SNG as fuel in steel industry reheating furnaces: The impact of different perspectives on CO2 assessment. Energy Efficiency (accepted for publication).

Future seminars

Find more information about our seminars here.

Available master thesis projects in English

  • Energy audit of a car selling company

Read more about our available and ongoing master projects here.

Graduate studies

Find more information about our post graduate schoool in energy systems here


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