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Welcome to the Division of Energy Systems!

The Division of Energy Systems analyzes the energy system with the aim of developing sustainable energy systems. Research is conducted within three main areas: national, regional and local energy systems, industrial energy systems and building energy systems. 









Research on energy efficiency
On the 10th of December, the Swedish Energy Agency will arrange an information day on energy efficiency in SMEs (small and medium sized enterprises). Several researchers from the Department of Energy Systems will present their results. (2014-10-22)

Roadmap for SME
On the 27th of November, Patrik Thollander will participate in a IEA workshop to develop a roadmap for SME (small and medium sized companies). (2014-10-22)

Energy Efficiency Financial Group

Patrik Thollander is part of the EU commission working group, Energy Efficiency Financial Group (EEFIG), which is working on energy efficiency investments in the EU. (2014-10-22)

Policy instruments for energy efficiency
On the 6th of November, Patrik Thollander is invited to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to discuss the Swedish policy instruments related to more efficient energy use in industry. (2014-10-22)

Energy efficiency in industry
The 5th of November are Svetlana Paramonova and Patrik Thollander invited to the Swedish Energy Agency to present their results from a project on energy efficiency networks in industries. (2014-10-22)



Latest publication
Broström, T., Erisson, P., Liu, L., Rohdin, P., Ståhl, F., Moshfegh, B. A method to Assess the Potential for and Consequences of Energy Retrofits in Swedish Historic Buildings. The Historic Buildings, 2014, 150-166. (2014-10-14)

Industry-employed PhD student
Jan Bleyl has started as an industry-employes PhD student at Energy systems. Jan lives in Austria and runs a company on energy services. He has helped several countries, such as South Africa and Jordan to start up their energy service markets. Jan will work part time at the division with integrated energy service solutions. (2014-09-29)

Latest publications
- Liu, L., Moshfegh, B., Akander, J., Cehlin, M., 2014. Comprehensive investigation on energy retrofits in eleven multi-family buildings in Sweden. Energy and Building, DOI:10.1016/j.enbuild.2014.08.044.

-  Fenton, P., Gustafsson, S., Ivner, J., Palm, J., 2014. Stakeholder participation in municipal energy and climate planning - experiences from Sweden. Local Environment: The International Journal of Justice and Sustainability. DOI: 10.1080/13549839.2014.946400 (2014-09-22)

Latest publication
Djuric Ilic, D., Trygg, L. Economic and environmental benefits of converting industrial processes to district heating. Energy Conversion and Management, 2014, 87;305-317. (2014-08-25)


Right now

Master thesis projects 

Unfortunately we have no advertised master thesis projects at the moment. 

Read more about our available and ongoing master projects here.


Fr  2014-10-17  Maria Andersson, FOI - Modellering och prediktering av efterfrågemönster och marginalkostnadsmönster (10.15-11.30  Palmberget) - in Swedish

Fr  2014-11-21  Lisa Carlsson, IEI - “Effektiv lärande för hållbar utveckling i stora studentgrupper” (10.15-11.30  Palmberget) - in Swedish

Find more information about our seminars here.

Master thesis presentations

2014-10-23 "Studie av ett välfungerande styrsystem som utnyttjar byggnadens verksamhet och värmetröghet" - Thérése Tideberg, 10:15, A33.     

Find out more about ongoing master thesis projects here. 

Graduate studies

Find out more about the Energy Systems Programme here. 




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