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Welcome to the Division of Energy Systems!

The Division of Energy Systems analyzes the energy system with the aim of developing sustainable energy systems. Research is conducted within three main areas: national, regional and local energy systems, industrial energy systems and building energy systems. 









Post a doctoral thesis
Sandra spikar The 20th of Nov Sandra Backlund posted her doctoral thesis with the title: "Efficient improvement of energy efficiency in small and medium- sized firms". (2014-11-20)

Senaste publikation
Maria T. Johansson. Improved energy efficiency within the Swedish steel industry - the importance of energy management and networkning. Accepted for publication in Energy Efficiency, 2014. DOI:10.1007/s12053-014-9317-z (2014-11-20)

Energy Systems in social media
The journal article Apeaning, R.W., Thollander, P., Barriers to and driving forces for industrial energy efficiency improvements in African industries – a case study of Ghana´s largest industrial areawhich was published in Journal of Cleaner Production in 2013 is discussed in a blog run by a collection of Universities in California, USA. The blog concerns new research in the energy field, you can find the blog post here. (2014-11-07)

Latest publication
Olsson, L., Hjalmarsson, L., Wikström, M., Larsson, M. Bridging the implementation gap: Combining backcasting and policy analysis to study renewable energy in urban road transport. Accepted for publication in Transport Policy, 2014. (2014-11-04)

Latest publication
Andersson, V., Broberg Viklund, S., Hackl, R., Karlsson, M., Berntsson, T. Algae-based Biofuels Production as Part of an Industrial Cluster. Accepted for publication in Biomass and Bioenergy. (2014-10-27)



Member of program council
Bahram Professor Bahram Moshfegh has been elected as a member of the program council of the program board EFFSYS EXPAND. EFFSYS EXPAND is a research program where industry, academia and the energy agency collaborate on research, development and innovation in resource efficient cooling and heat pump systems and cooling and heat storage. The program runs over the time period 2014-09-01 to 2018-09-01. (2014-10-27)

Research on energy efficiency
On the 10th of December, the Swedish Energy Agency will arrange an information day on energy efficiency in SMEs (small and medium sized enterprises). Several researchers from the Department of Energy Systems will present their results. (2014-10-22)

Energy Efficiency Financial Group
PatrikThollanderPatrik Thollander is part of the EU commission working group, Energy Efficiency Financial Group (EEFIG), which is working on energy efficiency investments in the EU. (2014-10-22)

Roadmap for SME
On the 27th of November, Patrik Thollander will participate in a IEA workshop to develop a roadmap for SME (small and medium sized companies). (2014-10-22)


Right now

Master thesis projects 

Unfortunately we have no advertised master thesis projects at the moment. 

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We  2014-12-10  Lisa Carlsson, IEI - “Effektiv lärande för hållbar utveckling i stora studentgrupper” (10.15-11.30  Palmberget) - in Swedish

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Master thesis presentations

At the moment there are no scheduled master thesis presentations.      

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Graduate studies

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