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Welcome to the Division of Energy Systems!

The Division of Energy Systems analyzes the energy system with the aim of developing sustainable energy systems. Research is conducted within three main areas: national, regional and local energy systems, industrial energy systems and building energy systems. 









Nailed PhD-thesis

Avhandlign_Linda Olsson_2Linda Olsson niled her thesis ”Sociotechnical system studies of the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions from energy and transport systems” on April 17. (2015-04-20)

Nailed PhD-thesisAvhandling Klas Svensson

Klas Svensson nailed his PhD-thesis "Experimental and Numerical Investigations of Confluent Round Jets" on the April 16  See pictures  here! (2015-04-16)

Thesis defence

Klas Svensson defends his thesis "Experimental and Numerical Investigations of Confluent Round Jets" on the 11th May at 10.15 in ACAS, A-building, Campus Valla. Faculty examiner is Professor Bengt Sundén, Chalmers. The examining committee are Matts Karlsson (LiU), Rahmatollah Khodabandeh (KTH) and Sture Holmberg (KTH). (2015-04-14)

Thesis defence

Linda Olsson defends her thesis ”Sociotechnical system studies of the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions from energy and transport systems” on the 8th of May at 10.15 in ACAS, A-building Campus Valla. Faculty examiner is Kes McCormick, IIIEE, Lund University. The examining committee are Maria Grahn (Chalmers), Rikke Lybaek (Roskilde university) and Björn-Ola Linnér (LiU). (2015-04-10)

Member of  Editorial Board

Mats SöderströmMats Söderström, Associate Professor at Energy Systems is member of the Editorial Board of Energy Efficiency, Springer (2015-04-10)







Article accpeted

Ivner, Jenny & Broberg Viklund, Sarah (2015). Effect of the use of industrial excess heat in district heating on greenhouse gas emissions: A systems perspective. Accepted for publication in Resources, Conservation & Recycling. (2015-04-08)

Article accepted in Energy

Backlund, S., Thollander, P. (2015). Impact after three years of the Swedish energy audit program. Accepted for publication in Energy (2015-03-10)

Speaker at Energy ClubPatrik Thollander

Docent Patrik Thollander will be holding a lecture at Energy Club, held by STUNS Energi. The theme is “the energy efficiency gap” and Patrik will be talking about his research on hinders and drivers for energy efficiency. The seminar is held in Uppsala on 19 Marsh between 16.30-19.30. More information (in Swedish) can be found here. (2015-03-02)

Thesis defence-
Shahriar Ghahremanian defends his thesis " A Near-Field Study of Multiple Interacting Jets: Confluent Jets "  February , 10:15 in room C3 in Building C, Valla, Linköping University. Faculty examiner is Professor Yugo Li, Department of Mechanical Engineering, The University of Hong Kong. The examining committee are Professor Björn Palm, Applied Thermodynamics and Refrigeration, KTH, Professor Jens Fransson, Department of Mechanics, KTH, and Professor Matts Karlsson, Applied Thermodynamics & Fluid Mechanics, IEI/LiU. (2015-01-28)


Right now

Master thesis projects 

Unfortunately we have no advertised master thesis projects in English at the moment.

Read more about our available and ongoing master projects here.


Th 2015-05-28 Kajsa Ellegård - Interdisciplinarity in Energy Research (in Swedish)

Find more information about our seminars here.

Master thesis presentations

  • On 2015-06-03  Elin Hultgren
  • On 2015-06-03  Rickard Enquist & Fredrik Sööder
  • On 2015-06-03  Elin Rudolfs
  • Fr  2015-06-05  Linn Holm & Linnea Svanström
  • Må  2015-06-08  Gustav Bergdahl & Jonas Olevik
  • Må  2015-06-08  Olle Gustafsson & Johan Karlsson
  • 2015-06-10  Rocio Gonzalez
  • To  2015-06-11  Johanna Hoxell & Linda Liepina
  • To  2015-06-11  Filip Gärskog & Clas Hammarlund

Find out more about ongoing master thesis projects here. 

Graduate studies

Find out more about the Energy Systems Programme here. 




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